CAN/USB interface and data logger
Kvaser AB Vendor:
Kvaser AB
  • Details
  • One device for desktop and laptop.
  • Quick and easy plug-and-play installation.
  • CAN messages are time-stamped with 10 microseconds resolution.
  • Large on-board RAM buffer for CAN messages.

Kvaser Memorator makes it possible for you to log data from a CAN bus to a standard SD or MMC disk. Kvaser Memorator provides a dual channel CAN bus interface with a standard USB interface and is delivered with a SD disk. Support for High-Speed, Low-Speed and Single-Wire CAN through different product versions.

Kvaser Memorator has a USB connection and can be used as a powerful CAN to USB interface (like our USBcan II adapter) as well as a standalone CAN data logger - two products in one! As a data logger, it is for example perfect as a flight recorder due its compact design. A great advantage is that all configurations are made with a user-friendly configuration program and are stored on the flash disk. It makes it both easy and convenient to set configurations with the PC and download it to Kvaser Memorator for use in the field.

Functions in Kvaser Memorator

Kvaser Memorator can log continuously, or logging can be triggered by external triggers (rising or falling edge) and/or by messages and signals on the CAN bus (triggered by identifier, or data contents.) Pre- and post-triggers are available.

To enhance logging performance, Kvaser Memorator can filter out selectable messages to be logged. The identifiers can be picked from a database, or all messages can be logged.

Memory cards
Standard MMC or SD type flash memory cards can be used. Larger memory cards, up to 1 GB, can be used. See our support pages for more information.

Available models:
Memorator HS/HS
Memorator HS/LS
Memorator HS/SWC

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