Interactive Development
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Kvaser AB
  • Details
  • A history list for the messages you have sent
  • CAN bus statistics (number of messages, bus load etc)
  • A traffic generator for studying your system under heavy bus load
  • Time stamping of incoming and outgoing messages (time stamps can be displayed in both absolute and relative format)

Kvaser CANKing is a free CAN bus monitor and general-purpose diagnostic tool. It is especially suited for interactive development work. You can easily send CAN messages and study their impact on the target module. All you need is a Kvaser CAN interface. Kvaser CANKing is free of charge.

The basic version enables you to display the messages on the CAN bus, and optionally format them in a several different ways. You can also send CAN messages just by filling out a dialog box and press OK. There are many message layout options.

CANKing is supported by all CAN interfaces from Kvaser!

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