Siemens MVB PC/104

MVB Interface Module
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  • Baud rate: 1.5 Mbaud (MVB)
  • Subminiature D9 female connectors
  • Weight: approx. 80 g
  • Component ambient temperature: –40 °C to +85 °C

The MVB PC/104 is an interface module with which it is possible to connect electronic controllers to the MVB.

The user of the MVB PC/104 module is provided with API software for their development.

The MVB PC/104 connects the parallel PC/104 bus with the serial MVB. Data exchange from the MVB to the PC/104 bus and vice versa is performed via the traffic memory. Arbitration of the traffic memory is performed by the MVBCS1 ASIC.

The module is designed for use with a 16-bit CPU with ready acknowledgment. Bytewise accesses to the traffic memory are not possible because of its wordwise organization. Accesses must always be wordwise (only to even addresses).

Technical specifications
Front connector: SK1 (X7), SK2 (X6) Subminiature D9 connector: MVB interface (female connector)
Slots required: For the external dimensions of the module see [PC104]
Weight: Approx. 80 g
Power supply: +5V ± 5%, typical: 330 mA maximum value: 445 mA (an absolute maximum of 500 mA will be required for a period of 200 ms.)
Design: Varnished on both sides 8-layer artwork combinable with wrap panels
Standards used (if applicable): EN 50155 LES-DB Insulation to VDE 0110 and VDE 0160 [TCN], part 3 (MVB)
EN50121-3-2 (if mounted in correct environment and earthing)
Baud rate: 1.5 Mbaud (MVB)
Processor: None
Memory submodules: Always fitted: 512 Kbytes
Useable in PC mode: up to 256 Kbytes (Availability depends on the segment set.)
Useable in 165 mode: 256 Kbytes
Other submodules: MVBCS1-ASIC
Isolation: Transformer
Common-mode rejection: 10 Vrms up to 10 MHz
Redundancy performance at MVB: The same as at MVBCS1-ASIC [MVBCS1]
Electrical Data Completing for [ISA]
DC Supply voltage (Vcc) 4.75 V Min
5.25 V Max
DC Input voltage range (Vi) 0 V Min
5.25 V Max
DC Output voltage range (Vo) 0 V Min
5.25 V Max
High level input voltage (Vih) 2.0 V Min
Low level input voltage (Vil) 0.8 V Max
High level output voltage (Voh) 2.4 V Min
Low level output voltage (Vol) 0.5 V Max
Input leakage current (Iih) Vih < Vin < 3.3 V 20 mA Max
Input leakage current (Iil) 0 V < Vin –200 mA Max
Input leakage current (Iimax) Vil < Vin < Vih 80 mA Max

Environmental and physical specifications

Component ambient temperature: –40 °C to +85 °C
MTBF(@ 40 °C): 462 FIT
Maintenance notes: None
Model Description
S25659-B2231-A140 Right-angled subminiature D9 female connectors, J1(X11), J2(X12), J3(X13) connectors, traffic memory
S25659-B2231-A150 Straight subminiature D9 female connectors, J1(X11), J2(X12), J3(X13) connectors, traffic memory
S25659-B2231-A160 Right-angled subminiature D9 female connectors, traffic memory

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