Siemens MVB PC/104

MVB Interface Module
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  • Baud rate: 1.5 Mbaud (MVB)
  • Subminiature D9 female connectors
  • Weight: approx. 80 g
  • Component ambient temperature: –40 °C to +85 °C

The MVB PC/104 is an interface module with which it is possible to connect electronic controllers to the MVB.

The user of the MVB PC/104 module is provided with API software for their development.

The MVB PC/104 connects the parallel PC/104 bus with the serial MVB. Data exchange from the MVB to the PC/104 bus and vice versa is performed via the traffic memory. Arbitration of the traffic memory is performed by the MVBCS1 ASIC.

The module is designed for use with a 16-bit CPU with ready acknowledgment. Bytewise accesses to the traffic memory are not possible because of its wordwise organization. Accesses must always be wordwise (only to even addresses).

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Technical specifications
Front connector: SK1 (X7), SK2 (X6) Subminiature D9 connector: MVB interface (female connector)
Slots required: For the external dimensions of the module see [PC104]
Weight: Approx. 80 g
Power supply: +5V ± 5%, typical: 330 mA maximum value: 445 mA (an absolute maximum of 500 mA will be required for a period of 200 ms.)
Design: Varnished on both sides 8-layer artwork combinable with wrap panels
Standards used (if applicable): EN 50155 LES-DB Insulation to VDE 0110 and VDE 0160 [TCN], part 3 (MVB)
EN50121-3-2 (if mounted in correct environment and earthing)
Baud rate: 1.5 Mbaud (MVB)
Processor: None
Memory submodules: Always fitted: 512 Kbytes
Useable in PC mode: up to 256 Kbytes (Availability depends on the segment set.)
Useable in 165 mode: 256 Kbytes
Other submodules: MVBCS1-ASIC
Isolation: Transformer
Common-mode rejection: 10 Vrms up to 10 MHz
Redundancy performance at MVB: The same as at MVBCS1-ASIC [MVBCS1]
Electrical Data Completing for [ISA]
DC Supply voltage (Vcc) 4.75 V Min
5.25 V Max
DC Input voltage range (Vi) 0 V Min
5.25 V Max
DC Output voltage range (Vo) 0 V Min
5.25 V Max
High level input voltage (Vih) 2.0 V Min
Low level input voltage (Vil) 0.8 V Max
High level output voltage (Voh) 2.4 V Min
Low level output voltage (Vol) 0.5 V Max
Input leakage current (Iih) Vih < Vin < 3.3 V 20 mA Max
Input leakage current (Iil) 0 V < Vin –200 mA Max
Input leakage current (Iimax) Vil < Vin < Vih 80 mA Max

Environmental and physical specifications

Component ambient temperature: –40 °C to +85 °C
MTBF(@ 40 °C): 462 FIT
Maintenance notes: None
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Model Description
S25659-B2231-A140 Right-angled subminiature D9 female connectors, J1(X11), J2(X12), J3(X13) connectors, traffic memory
S25659-B2231-A150 Straight subminiature D9 female connectors, J1(X11), J2(X12), J3(X13) connectors, traffic memory
S25659-B2231-A160 Right-angled subminiature D9 female connectors, traffic memory

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