ISA bus extender for PC/104 stacks
  • Details
  • Full PC/104 mounting location
  • Stackthrough PC/104 connector
  • Secondary PC/104 location allows addition of troubleshooting modules
  • Secondary location supplies 8-bit PC/104 connector for cards up to 1.55" x 3.55"

This passive extender card allows developers to mount an 8 or 16-bit PC/104 card into a standard ISA bus PC system, avoiding the need for a dedicated PC/104 stack for development work.

The adapter is equipped with a stack-through connector so the test card can be installed on either side enabling probing on the front or the back. A secondary PC/104 location allows addition of troubleshooting modules.

Standard Usage

Simply stack the test PC/104 card onto the adapter's PC/104 connectors and insert the adapter into the host system's ISA slot. No additional configuration is required

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