M-Max 800 EP

Rugged Industrial Platform
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

M-Max 800 EP is a high-performance rugged industrial computer for demanding and critical applications requiring performance comparable to high-end desktop systems. The M-Max 800 EP with passive cooling has no competition in the high-performance ruggedized computing market. Designed for operation in harsh environments including extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and vibration, M-Max 800 EP is IP65 or IP66 rated.

The system is based on Intel’s i72715QU CPU 2.1-3.0 GHz. The integrated graphics controller, Intel HD3000, provides perfect 2D and 3D capabilities as well as hardware video decoding. M-Max 800 EP has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 RS232 serial ports and 8 USB 2.0 ports. Data storage is an industrial SSD. Power consumption is 58 W maximum. 

The rugged aluminum enclosure with dual shock and vibration protection systems, as well as the passive cooling system (no fans) provides highly reliable silent operation in harsh environments and the extended temperature range: −20°C to +60°C or −40°C to +75°C (optional). These complex features bundled in one system, allow the M-Max 800 EP to tackle the most demanding computing tasks.


  • Transportation (ground, rail, air and marine)
  • Agriculture
  • Mining and processing

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The platform is not a standard model of a computer, a system can be ordered based on a certain platform with a certain amount of I/O ports that does not exceed the highest number available.

M-Max part number

M-Max Family Of Computers

Built To Work Under Extreme Conditions:
  • Low and high temperature range (From −50 to +75 °C)
  • Protected from dirt, dust and moisture (up to IP66)
  • Vibration and Shock (6g/ 40g)
Major Features:
  • Exceptional reliability due to absence of moving parts (Up to15years of service)
  • Very high availability— frequency of required system maintenance is over 7 years
  • Passive cooling system, no outside air intake
  • Custom built systems
  • Two levels of shock and vibration isolation
M-Max Systems are built with our patented technology to dissipate excessive heat from computer boards and other electronic devices working in high vibration environments. This patented design enables the removal of heat from electronic components housed on a circuit board vibroinsulated from an enclosure.

What is The M-Max Platform?

PLATFORM is a base model with a set of basic features.

Basic Features:
  • Performance of CPU and GRU cores
  • Type and available range of RAM (min / max)
  • Type and size ofavailable storage (min / max)
  • Types and number of available I/O ports (min)
  • Resilience to external factors ( min / max)
  • Power Consumption (min)
Platform — Product

Project Flow:

Project flow

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