M-Max 400 ST/USO

Rugged Industrial Error-free Computer with UPS Subsystem
  • Details
  • Specification
  • Full compliance with CENELEC SIL 4 specifications
  • ‘2 out of 2’ architecture
  • UPS uses ultracapacitor power source
  • Operating Temperature from -40 to +60 °C

The M-Max 400 ST/USO is an error-free rugged computer for on-board and off-the-shelf applications. It is built to provide error-free signaling information processing, based on 2-out-of-2 architecture in full compliance with CENELEC SIL4 specifications. The M-Max 400 contains two identical subsystems connected to each other via internal interface. Each subsystem has its own processing core and a UPS employing an intelligent ultracapacitor-based charging device.

The M-Max 400’s two independent CPUs form a vital processing core and perform calculations (such as interlocking logic) in different ways. Once per cycle they are synchronised with each other to exchange data and perform consistency cross-checks. The UPS ultracapacitors provide the system with 70 seconds of backup power. The system is designed for use on stationary objects within a railway infrastructure.

MicroMax, as a manufacturer of industrial computers, takes a customized approach to each client. Our engineering group can design M-Max systems to fit customer-specific technical requirements.

Technical specifications

Interfaces 2x Dual CAN 2x RS-232 2x RS-422 2x Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
Operating system Linux / Windows / QNX
Power +9 to +40 V DC (isolated) AC adapter ~100 to 240 V (optional)
Power Consumption 2x 12W (Maximum 2x 50W)
Indication 2x Power ON indicator
Enclosure Aluminum enclosure Passive cooling system (no fans)
Mechanical (W x H x L) 294 x 145 x 208 mm

Environmental and physical specifications

Dust/Moisture IP50
Operating Temperature -40 to +60 °C
Humidity Operating: 5 to 95 % at +25 °C, non-condensing
Vibration Operating acceleration amplitude up to 2g (5-500 Hz)
Shock Maximum peak shock acceleration up to 6g (3 ms)
Altitude Operating: up to 3000 m
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