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Upgraded M-Max 400 USO-U Systems are Ready to Ship

February 1, 2021

Rugged Industrial Error-Free Computer System for Railroad Applications M-Max 400 USO-U

New York, February 1st, 2021 — The first batch of the upgraded and improved M-Max® 400 USO-U systems has passed all necessary inspections and shipped to the customer. 

M-Max® 400 USO-U is a significantly upgraded version of our M-Max® 400 ST/USO system, which has proved extremely successful on stationary objects of railway infrastructure.

Rugged Industrial Error-free Computer with UPS Subsystem. M-Max 400 ST/USO

The system provides error-free data processing for railroad signaling systems. M-Max® 400 USO-U consists of two independent units that repeatedly synchronize / swap data and perform a series of cross‑checks. 

MicroMax’s engineers, in collaboration with a user’s team, have implemented the following upgrades to the system: 

  • To achieve interchangeability both subsystems were separated into two independent units combined in a frame for 19″ rack mounting. 
  • LED indicators for all necessary parameters have been added to the front panel. 
  • To increase maintenance abilities, the system was modified to enable replacement of the RTC batteries and data storage without removal of the entire frame from the rack. 
  • Watchdog timer has been added to the power supply. 
  • All external interfaces and input power for the subsystems are now galvanically isolated.

M-Max® 400 USO-U is designed for a secure wireless transmission of automatic locomotive signalling without the use of rail circuits, therefore dramatically increasing the distance of awareness of the train engineer and as a result allows up to 25% increased average train speed without any substantial capital expenses. The system was successfully live tested.

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