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Compact Managed 28-Port Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module with 4x 10G ports and IEEE-1588 PTP Support
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  • On-board Memory: 4MB packet memory
  • Power consumption: 20W max, all ports active
  • Form Factor: 55x84mm / 2.17x3.31” (Same as COM Express Type 10)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

The EPSM-10GX4 is a managed Ethernet switch module in an ultra-compact 2.2″ x 3.3″ (55×84mm) size offering 24x 10/100/1000Mbps copper ports + 4x 10Gbps SFI ports. The module is intended to be used on a carrier board, such as Diamond’s EPS-24G4X, to implement a complete Ethernet switching solution. The core Ethernet switching technology is almost fully encapsulated on the module; for many applications, only the «last inch» of magnetics and I/O connectors is required to complete the circuit, enabling easy development of custom form factor compact, rugged Ethernet switch solutions.

The small size, based on the industry-standard COM Express Mini form factor, makes EPSM-10GX a perfect choice for use as a building block for creating custom Ethernet switch solutions in a variety of space-demanding applications, such as drones, ground and underwater vehicles, and robots.

Customers looking for a complete off-the-shelf solution may be interested in our EPS-24G4X, which provides all of the switch’s features in the industry standard 3.5 inch form factor with integrated latching I/O connectors and SFP+ sockets. Diamond Systems also offers custom carrier board design services to provide a perfect fit solution for your application.

Two software packages are available, Layer 2+ switching and Layer 3 routing/switching. In addition, IEEE-1588 precision time protocol support is available with a minor modification to support an external precision clock circuit and 1pps signal source provided by the carrier board. All software features are manageable via a GUI web interface accessible over any port, as well as with a command language accessed via a built-in RS-232 port.

Two cooling accessory options are available: A heat sink provides convection cooling in a low profile, while a heat spreader provides improved conduction cooling for superior high temperature performance in applications where physical contact with the system enclosure is available.

Two high-speed fine-pitch connectors provide all power and data communications between the module and the carrier board. The first connector provides power, 9 10/100/1000 ports, the serial interface, and a serial LED data stream. Applications requiring 9 ports or less may use just this connector. The second connector contains 3 more 10/100/1000 ports, QSGMII signals for an additional 12-port PHY to provide 12 additional 10/100/1000 ports, and the 4 10G SFI ports.

EPSM-10GX4 is designed to meet the challenges of vehicle environments with its 50% thicker PCB, −40/+85°C operating temperature range, and MIL-STD-202G shock/vibration resistance.

Technical specifications
Number of Ports 24 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports with non-blocking wire-speed performance
4 10G SFI ports for fiber or copper transceivers
Magnetics and 10G transceivers required on carrier board
Implementation 12 PHYs integrated on main board; QSGMII signals for additional 12-port PHY on carrier board
On-board Memory 4MB packet memory
Network Management SNMP v1/v2c/v3; Web GUI and command line interface (CLI)
Power Management ActiPHY and PerfectReach power management reduce power for shorter cable lengths and shut down power to disconnected ports
Serial Port 1 serial port for host interface; RS-232 transceiver required on carrier board
Indicator lights Serial data stream provided for 2 LEDs per port; decoder logic required on carrier board
Form Factor 55x84mm / 2.17x3.31” (Same as COM Express Type 10)
Interconnect Dual Samtec ERF5 series connectors, 120 pins each, 10mm board to board spacing
Input voltage 5VDC +/-5%
Power consumption 20W max, all ports active
Cooling Heat sink, 55x84mm, 16.6mm height
Heat spreader, 55x104mm, 7.6mm height
Weight 85G / 3.0 oz

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C with DSC-provided heat sink or heat spreader
Rohs Compliant
Model Description
EPSM-10GX4 Epsilon Ethernet Switch Module, 4x 10G SFI, 12x GbE, QSGMII, WebStaX
EPSM-10GX4-L3 Epsilon Ethernet Switch Module, 4x 10G SFI, 12x GbE, QSGMII, IStaX
EPSM-10GX4-1588 Epsilon Ethernet Switch Module, 4x 10G SFI, 12x GbE, QSGMII, IStaX, Ext Clk
DK-EPSM10GX-01 Dev Kit, Epsilon Ethernet Switch, 24 Gigabit Ports + 2 10G SFP+ Ports
DK-EPSM10GX4-01 Development Kit, EPSM-10GX4 Ethernet Switch Module, 24 10/100/1000 Copper Ports, 4 10G SFP+ ports, WebStaX Layer 2+ Software, Cable Kit, Design Kit
DK-EPSM10GX4-L3-01 Development Kit, EPSM-10GX4 Ethernet Switch Module, 24 10/100/1000 Copper ports, 4 10G SFP+ ports, IStaX Layer 3 Software, Cable Kit, Design Kit
DK‑EPSM10GX4‑1588‑01 Development Kit, EPSM-10GX4 Ethernet Switch Module, 24 10/100/1000 Copper ports, 4 10G SFP+ ports, IStaX Layer 3 Software, IEEE1588 PTP, Cable Kit, Design Kit
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