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Model 627

Compact PCI to PCI Adapter
Sensoray Vendor:
  • Details
  • Allows testing CompactPCI boards using an inexpensive desktop PC
  • Exclusive HotSwap software utility eliminates the need to restart the host after hot-swapping CompactPCI boards
  • No disturbance to host PCI bus during hot-swapping
  • Single switch operation and LED power indicator

Model 627 allows testing CompactPCI boards using an inexpensive desktop PC. The 627 offers significant time savings during product development and production testing by allowing CPCI boards to be hot-swapped within a desktop PC.

There is no need for an expensive CompactPCI enclosure and processor to test CPCI boards.

Protects computer
Use of the 627 protects the system’s PCI slot from physical wear and reduces the system’s electrical stress from frequent power cycling.

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