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FeaturePak Analog I/O Data Acquisition Module with 2MHz A/D, D/A, autocalibration, and digital I/O
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  • 16 16-bit or 12-bit analog inputs
  • 2MHz maximum aggregate sampling rate
  • Programmable input ranges, polarity, and mode
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

FP-DAQ1616 is a data acquisition I/O card integrating Diamond’s newest and fastest analog I/O technology and a PCI Express host interface.

This tiny board offers 16-bit or 12-bit A/D sampling at up to 2MHz, supported with an expanded 16K-sample FIFO for reliable data collection in any operating system. Analog output capability has been expanded to 16 16-bit channels with programmable output ranges. All analog I/O features are enhanced with our industry-leading autocalibration technology, featuring independent calibration factors for each input and output range to guarantee maximum accuracy across all operating modes and the entire operating temperature range.

Digital I/O features include seven 8-bit ports with both bit-wide and byte-wide direction control, two 32-bit up/down counter/timers with programmable input source and gate, and four 24-bit pulse-width modulation circuits with 0-100% duty cycle.

Technical specifications

Host Interface

Interface type PCI Express x1

Analog Inputs

Number of inputs 16 single-ended, 8 differential (software selectable)
A/D resolution 16 bits or 12 bits (1/65,536 of full scale) (user configurable)
Bipolar ranges ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, ±1.25V
Unipolar ranges 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V
Input bias current 40nA max
Maximum input voltage ±10V for linear operation
Overvoltage protection -25V to +40V on any analog input without damage
Input Impedance 10^13 ohms
Drift ±10ppm/°C typical
Accuracy ±2 LSB, after calibration
Nonlinearity ±3LSB, no missing codes
Conversion rate 2,000,000 aggregate samples/sec max
1,000,000 samples/sec for multi-channel operation
Conversion trigger Software trigger, internal pacer clock, external digital signal
On-board FIFO 16K (16,384) 16-bit samples with programmable interrupt threshold
Calibration Automatic; values stored in EEPROM

Analog Outputs

Number of outputs 16
D/A resolution 16-bits (1/65,536 of full scale)
Output ranges ±1.25V, ±2.5V, ±5V, ±10V, 0-2.5V, 0-5V, 0-10V
Output load current ±1mA max per channel
Output short circuit current 15mA max per channel
Transition time 1V/µs typical
Relative accuracy ±1 LSB channel to channel
Nonlinearity ±1 LSB, monotonic
Reset All channels reset to 0V
Calibration Automatic; values stored in EEPROM

Digital I/O -- Ports A, B, C, D

Number of I/O 32 programmable I/O
Compatibility LVTTL and TTL
Pull-up / Pull-down Programmable
Input voltage Low: 0.0V min, 0.8V max
High: 2.0V min, 5.5V max
Input current ±340µA max
Output voltage Low: 0.0V min, 0.4V max
High: 2.4V min, 3.3V max
Output current Low: 16mA max
High: -16mA max

Digital I/O -- Ports E, F, Auxilary

Number of I/O 24 I/O, EXTTRIG, TOUT1
Compatibility LVTTL
Pull-up / Pull-down Programmable for port E only
Input voltage Low: -0.3V min, 1.0V max
High: 2.0V min, 3.6V max
Input current ±340µA max
Output voltage Low: 0.0V min, 0.4V max
High: 2.7V min, 3.3V max
Output current Low: 12mA max
High: -12mA max


A/D Pacer clock 32-bit up/down counter
General purpose 32-bit up/down counter
Clock source 50MHz or 5MHz on-board clock
External signal
Pulse width modulators 4 independent programmable PWMs with user selectable clock at 1MHz or 50MHz


FeaturePak Compliant, zero height expansion
Power consumption 840mW typical without external load
Weight 0.5oz (14.2g)

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
RoHS Compliant
Model Description
FP‑DAQ1616 FP-DAQ1616 with all data acquisition functions (A/D, D/A, DIO, counter/timers) included

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