Model 335

PC card and Cardbus Adapter
Sensoray Vendor:
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* NA
Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • 2 slots for PCMCIA or Cardbus
  • 16-bit legacy mode support
  • PCI legacy DMA support
  • Mix 5V/3.3V PC Card 16/32 Cards and 3.3 CardBus Cards
Model 335 is a bus-to-bus adapter that enables the use of Cardbus or PC Card modules in PC/104+ systems. These provide additional functions such as 802.11 wireless, IEEE-1394 Firewire, USB 2.0, and SCSI interfaces. The 335 supports Type I, Type II, and Type III PCMCIA memory, I/O and ATA hard disk modules such as Toshiba Microdrives. The Cardbus feature supports 32-bit PC Cards operating at bus speeds up to 33MHz.

Status lights
Three LED lamps are positioned at the CardBus edge to facilitate viewing 335 status.

Parallel PCI interrupts are available to the PC/104+ bus while ISA interrupts are available at the PC/104 connector.

Mechanical design
The 335’s Cardbus connector is soldered to the carrier board to make it mechanical robust. An insulating partition on the component side prevents Cardbus boards from touching circuit board traces.

Sensoray-supplied compact flash and wireless Ethernet adaptors are guaranteed to work when used with Sensoray’s CPU’s and software.
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