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CBP Modules

Supercapacitor backup power source for embedded systems
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • 500,000 recharge cycles
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +65°C
  • 23 Farad to 500 Farad models available
  • No batteries = No maintenance
The CBP Modules are a series of no-battery OEM backup modules that use super capacitors rather than conventional batteries. The advantage is that they charge very quickly and that they are able to be recharged 500,000 times. This is beneficial for applications that that have either a large number of battery discharge cycles or where a "maintenance free" solution is required such as remote terminals or mobile data collectors.

The CBP Modules products come in capacities of 23.33, 58.33, 250, and 500 Farads and can supply back-up power to a twenty Watt load for 1.71min through 44.47minutes respectively.
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