PC/104 Ultra Low Power AMD Geode™ LX HiRel cpuModule™ & Controller with Advanced Digital I/O (aDIO)
  • Details
  • 500 or 333MHz AMD Geode LX
  • Complete PC-compatible Single Board Computer
  • High Reliability PCB
  • Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C

RTD's CME136686LX cpuModule represents the latest in reliable low-power performance embedded computing solutions. It includes a 500 or 333MHz AMD Geode LX processor with 128kB L1 cache (64kB instruction and 64kB data) and 128kB L2 cache. It uses a 333MHz DDR-SDRAM controller that can support up to 2.7 G-Bytes per second of memory bandwidth.
The video interface is provided by an Analog SVGA output and an LVDS flat panel output. The two outputs are independent, and can display separate images and display timings. Maximum resolution is 1920 x 1440.
High-speed peripheral connections include USB 2.0, with up to 480 Mb/sec data throughput. An ATA-100/66/33 IDE controller provides a fast connection to the hard drive. Network connectivity is provided by an Intel 82551QM Ethernet controller. Network connectivity is provided by two Intel 82551QM Ethernet controllers. Other features include two RS-232/422/485 COM ports (four ports if in dual-port mode), and Parallel Port.
RTD has gone the extra mile to include additional advanced features for maximum flexibility. These include an ATA/IDE Disk Chip socket that allows a true IDE drive to be attached to the board, either socketed or soldered. A multiPort can be configured as a standard EPP/ECP parallel port, a floppy drive port, or an Advanced Digital I/O (aDIO) port. SDRAM is soldered directly to the board for high vibration resistance. The CME136686LX is also available in a rugged, fanless IDAN enclosure.

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