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Rugged, I/O-Rich SBC and Carrier Board for COM Express Compact Type 6 CPU Modules
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  • Intel Core i7 8th Generation Processor 8665UE "Whiskey Lake"
  • 16/32GB SODIMM
  • 3 independent displays
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

GEMINI is a COM Express Compact type 6 carrier board and SBC with PCI/104-Express I/O expansion. Feature-rich GEMINI offers the highest performance in a compact 4.0×4.0′ / 102×102mm size, with its combination of COM Express CPU module and full support for PCIe/104 type 1 connectivity (PCI-104 up to 4 modules, PCIe-104×1 up to 4 modules, and PCIe/104×16). Gemini is designed to support a variety of COM Express modules including Bay Trail, Apollo Lake to Core i7 8th generation and Xeon.

Gemini as a complete SBC features the 8th Generation Intel Core i7 8665UE «Whiskey Lake» processor with choice of 16GB or 32GB SODIMM memory and −40 to +85°C operation.

GEMINI as a carrier board provides flexibility in choosing your preferred COM from among dozens of manufacturers around the world. The Gemini carrier offers early access to the latest generation of x86 processors as well as longer product lifecycles by virtue of processor independence.

The COM Express module mounts on the bottom side of the board, with a heat spreader below it serving as a mounting platform and thermal solution. The PCI/104-Express, minicard, and M.2 expansion sockets are on the top side.

The board size maximizes PCB coastline for I/O connectors in the smallest feasible size for the feature set. The combination of latching I/O connectors and a thicker PCB offers superior resistance to shock and vibration.

Gemini offers several options for mass storage. An M.2 2242 socket supports SSD up to 512GB using SLC, MLC, and TLC technology. A SATA connector can be used to connect to an external SSD.

Windows 10 64-bit and Ubuntu Linux 64-bit OS support is available.

Technical specifications
Processor Intel Core i7 8th Generation Processor 8665UE "Whiskey Lake"
Chipset Integrated onto processor package
Memory 16/32GB SODIMM (WL COM)
Graphics 3 independent displays:
2x HDMI, max resolution 4096 x 2304 @ 60Hz, 24bpp
1x LVDS, max resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz, 24bpp
Ethernet 2 Gigabit ports: 1 10/100/1000Mbps from COM module and 1 10/100/1000Mbps via I210 Ethernet controller on carrier
USB 4x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0, optional USB support via PCIe Minicard
Serial 4x multiprotocol RS-232/422/485 through SP336
Audio HDA audio to analog audio converter
Digital I/O 8 programmable direction digital I/O, 3.3V logic compatible
Mass storage Standard SATA, m.2 2242 socket, PCIe / USB MiniCard socket
Security TPM module Infineon SLB 9670XQ2.0 on carrier (installed COM may also have TPM)
Expansion PC/104-EXPRESS: 4 PCIe x1 ports, 1x PCIe x16, 1x USB2.0, and 4-slot PCI support
Form factor 101.6mm x 101.6 mm / 4.000" x 4.000"
Weight 281g / 9.9oz (complete assembly with WL COM and heat spreader)
Cooling Conduction cooling heat spreader on bottom
Input voltage 16V-34VDC
Power consumption Carrier board alone: 2.4W
Carrier board + WL COM + 16GB RAM: 10.2W
Vin = 28VDC

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature -40° to +85°C (carrier board and WL COM; final system capability depends on the installed COM)
Model Description
GEM-BB01 Gemini carrier board, Core / Xeon PCIe configuration, 22mm PCI/104-Express; Contact factory for additional configurations
GEM-WL8665UE-16G Gemini SBC, i7-8665U 2133MHz CPU, 16GB RAM, Heat Spreader
GEM‑WL8665UE‑32G Gemini SBC, i7-8665U 2133MHz CPU, 32GB RAM, Heat Spreader
DK‑GEM‑WL8665‑WE1064 Development Kit, Gemini SBC, WL8665UE CPU, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 64-Bit BSP
DK-GEM-WL8665-LNX64 Development Kit, Gemini SBC, WL8665UE CPU, 16GB RAM, Linux 64-Bit BSP
SDK‑GEM‑WL8665‑WE1064 Software Development Kit, Gemini SBC, Windows 10 64-bit OS
SDK‑GEM‑WL8665‑LNX64 Software Development Kit, Gemini SBC, Linux 64-bit OS
Cables and accessories
CK-GEM-01 CK-GEM-01 cable kit
6980512 Cable Power, 2x4 0.1" Latching
6980524 Cable, External Battery, Molex Spox
6980601 Dual serial, latching, 2x DB9M
6980602 Cable, Dual USB 2.0, FCI 98414 to D
6980603 Cable, USB 3.0, Latching, FCI 98414
6980604 Cable, RJ-45 socket, panel mount
6980605 HDMI Cable
6980608 Audio cable 2mm to 3x3.5mm
6980609 FCI latching 2x5 2mm to IC 2x5 2mm, 12"
6989101 SATA Cable, 7-Pin Data, Straight to Right Angle, 500mm
C-20MM-18 2x10 2mm IDC ribbon, 18"

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