Model 2251

USB MPEG Frame Grabber
Sensoray Vendor:
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* NA
Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • MPEG1/2/4 and JPEG capture to USB from an analog video source at D1 resolution
  • Compact form factor for embedded designs
  • 30 fps NTSC, 25 fps PAL
  • Synchronous audio capture from a line level (stereo) input
The Model 2251 USB frame grabber accepts an NTSC or PAL composite analog video source and converts it into an MPEG stream along with the optional synchronized audio. Frame capture in JPEG format is also supported. A USB interface allows video capture at full resolution and frame rate. Adjustable resolution and bitrate selections provide the optimal balance between quality and storage requirements for a wide range of applications. Model 2251 comes with a USB cable that has been designed and tested specially for the product.

The 2250 was designed primarily for OEMs who integrate it with their application software using the Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download under the "Software and Manuals" tab. This product requires a knowledge of C-language or Visual Basic. It is not a consumer product intended for home use.

Motion Detection
The 2251 supports motion detection in three user programmable regions of interest. For each separate region of interest, the user can set up different levels of motion detection sensitivity. Within each of the regions of interest, motion can be further localized to a 16x16 pixel block. Please see images under images and mechanical drawings.
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