Model 2255

4 Channel USB Frame Grabber
Sensoray Vendor:
  • Details
  • Simultaneous capture from 4 composite video sources
  • Multiple output formats and resolutions
  • Powered through USB
  • Easy to use API; multiple units supported by the driver

The Model 2255 frame grabber accepts NTSC or PAL video on 4 composite inputs. Digitized images are sent to the host computer via USB 2.0 high-speed interface. A variety of output formats supported by the 2255 eliminates the need for format conversions in a wide range of applications. Supported formats are:

1. RGB packed (24 bits/pixel, bitmap compatible)
2. YCrCb packed (16 bits/pixel, YUY2 compatible)
3. YCrCb planar (16 bits/pixel, optimal for image processing)
4. Y8 (8 bits/pixel, monochrome).

Low Latency
The 2255’s allows fast visual feedback because of its low latency. Its internal DSP optimizes the four data streams for efficient USB 2.0 communication. The Windows drivers are also optimized for low latency. The overall latency is no more than 50 ms for NTSC and 60 ms for PAL.

Model 2255 performs optional deinterlacing of interlaced video to reduce motion artifacts on captured images. The lines of one of the fields of video are recreated from those of another field by using interpolation. This method provides better visual quality compared to simple line doubling. Since the deinterlacing is performed by the firmware running on the DSPs, it slows the capture rate down slightly. A visual example is provided here.

JPEG Compression
An optional firmware file is available for purchase that enables hardware JPEG compression on the 2255. The optional firmware allows JPEG capture at up to 60 total frames per second from all channels, or 2 channels at 30 fps, or 4 channels at 15 fps. The standard free SDK will allow a user to preview the JPEG capture capability but adds a black bar across the image. Standard uncompressed features are fully supported by our standard SDK.

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