Model 617

JPEG Frame Grabber
Sensoray Vendor:
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* NA
Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • 30 fps for interlaced NTSC, 25 fps interlaced PAL
  • 16 video inputs, 4 real-time outputs, 32 digital I/O
  • Full resolution, full frame rate hardware JPEG compression of NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • Text overlay buffer for frame annotation
Model 617 combines the functions of a 16 x 4 video crosspoint switch, a frame grabber, hardware JPEG compression and digital I/O into one PCI board.

The 617 accepts sixteen composite video inputs and routes any four of them to separate video decoders for digitizing. The use of four decoders eliminates losing frames during channel switching. At least two decoders are always in sync and ready for the JPEG compression circuit.

The 617 uses multiple frame buffers to interlace full size images before they are compressed. This allows the 617 to generate just one compressed image per frame instead of two per interlaced frame.

Frame rates
Each of the four decoders digitizes 30 frames per second to give an overall board throughput of 30 fps for 640 x 480 interlaced frames. These throughputs include JPEG compression. If all sixteen channels are used the frame rate per channel is 1.8 fps.

Number of Cameras NTSC frames/sec PAL frames/sec
1 30 25
2 15 12.5
4 7.5 6.25
8 3.75 3.12
16 1.88 1.56

Hardware compression
Model 617 executes hardware JPEG compression to greatly reduce the amount of memory needed to store images. Hardware compression reduces the CPU and PCI bus loading.

Multiple boards
Sensorays software supports multiple 617s in the same PCI bus. For example, two 617’s may be used to expand the number of video inputs to thirty two. If sixteen inputs are distributed between two boards the overall capture rate increases to 3.7 fps per channel.

Real-time outputs
Any four of the sixteen inputs may be routed to four output channels for display on video monitors. A software-selectable switch after each buffer amplifier allows multiple 617’s to share the same video monitor.

Input Clamping
Each input channel has a clamping circuit to minimize the effects of switching from one floating camera signal to another. Image artifacts from a previous channel will not affect the current channel.

Text caption buffer The 617’s caption buffer allows overlaying text on each frame. The text is within a transparent box that may be positioned anywhere within the frame. The text size and color are programmable.

Special Output The 617 also supplies small-size uncompressed frames suitable for motion detection by the host computer. These are 128 x 96 pixels or 256 x 192.
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