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Model 817

PCI Express JPEG Frame Grabber
Sensoray Vendor:
  • Details
  • 16 channel JPEG and / or bitmap capture at full NTSC or PAL frame rate
  • 16 video inputs, 4 video output
  • PCI Express x1 interface
  • 80 character text caption overlay before compression

Model 817 combines the functions of a frame grabber, hardware JPEG encoder, and 16 X 4 video crosspoint switch, into a PCI-express (x1) card. It is capable of capturing full resolution color JPEG-compressed images and / or monochrome uncompressed bitmaps, from 16 channels at full NTSC or PAL frame rates.

Frame rate
Four identical video capture and processing units (VCPU) work together to compress JPEG images at 30fps on all 16 channels simultaneously for a total board throughput of 480 fps for 640 X 480 interlaced frames.

Hardware compression
Model 817 executes hardware JPEG compression to reduce the amount of disk space required to store images. Hardware compression greatly reduces the load on the CPU.

Multiple boards
Sensorays driver supports multiple 817s in the same computer.

Real-time outputs
A 16x4 analog crosspoint video switch is used to route any combination of four input channels to external video monitors. Each of the four video outputs can be individually turned on or off, which allows connecting the outputs of multiple 817s to the same monitor.

Text Overlay
An optional single line text caption (up to 80 characters) can be overlaid on the captured images (before compression).

Model 817 performs optional deinterlacing of interlaced video to reduce motion artifacts on captured images. The lines of one of the fields of video are recreated from those of another field by using interpolation. This method provides better visual quality compared to simple line doubling. Since the deinterlacing is performed by the firmware running on the DSPs, it slows the capture rate down slightly. A visual example is provided here.

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