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Leonardo CL

CameraLink (Dual) Base-Medium-Full
  • Details
  • PCI / cPCI
  • CameraLink Base/Medium/Full interface (Dual Base option)
  • Digital I/O and RS-232

The leonardo line is the real solution for fast CameraLink digital video acquisition and realtime processing of the incoming video data.The product line comes in several PCI, CompactPCI and PMC models based on a very strong architecture.

The common digital video interface is CameraLink compatible, the formats ranging from Base, via Medium to Full CameraLink . The computer bus interface is electrically compatible with PCI 2.2 and mechanically with standard PCI, Compact PCI and PMC. The bus interface is 64 bit/66 MHz, resulting in an extreme transfer rate of 528 MB/s on the computer bus.

The leonardo is equiped with a state of the art Xilinx FPGA, offering realtime preprocessing of the video data, such as e.g. contrast stretching in gray value domain, RGB mosaic color restoration and random 2D convolution filters. The video data is stored in a very large on board memory. The maximum image resolution is 64k*64k pixels.

On the CL-P model an on board 600 MHz 64-bit RISC processor is available, with 4 MByte zero-waitstate SRAM cache memory. The RISC processor is specified as a 1080 Drystone 2.1 MIPS@600MHz. The RISC processor is available for general purpose application specific on board video processing.

The leonardo CL family is supported for Windows , Linux, RT Linux, RT Linux Pro and QNX . The RISC processor is C programmable (CL-P model only).

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