PC/104 IDE Drive Adapter
  • Details
  • PC/104
  • Dimensions: 95.885 x 90.17 x 10.922 ìì
  • Connects to CPU with standard IDE cable
  • 5V power supplied through PC/104 headers, or 2 position screw terminal

The DA104 provides a convenient means of integrating a 2.5” IDE hard drive, M-Systems CompactFlash, or M-Systems IDE2000 Flash Disk onto a PC/104 “stack”. Connection of the drive to the host CPU IDE port is supported by a standard 40 pins ribbon cable. The 5VDC power for the dirves is supplied either though the PC/104 bus, or 2 positions screw terminal.

For additional memory, a second 2.5” hard drive or IDE2000 Flash Disk can be mounted to the underside of the module.

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