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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • PC/104
  • Holds up to 8x M-Systems DiskOnChip
  • Full boot capability
  • Extended Temperature: from –40° to +85°Ñ available
The DiskOnChip provides a Flash Disk in a standard 32-pin Dip package. This unique data storage solution offers a better, faster and more cost effective Flash Disk for embedded systems.

The DiskOnChip is bundled with the TrueFFS (True Flash File System) technology, which provides full read/write disk emulation. TrueFFS provides hard compatibility at both the sector and file level.

The use of TrueFFS in conjunction with the built-in ECC/EDC provides maximum data reliability even under stressful conditions, such as power failures. Advanced wear leveling ensures long flash life for maximum usage.
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