SiliconDrive CF

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* NA
Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • Type I CF
  • Capacity Range: 32MB to 8GB
  • Supports Dual Voltage 3.3V or 5V interface
  • Operating Temperature: from 0°Ñ to 70°Ñ (standard), from -40C to 85C (extended)
SiliconDrive™ CF is an optimal time-to-market replacement for hard drives and flash cards or in host systems that require low power and scalable storage solutions.

SiliconDrive technology is engineered exclusively for the high performance, high reliability and multi-year product lifecycle requirements of the Enterprise System OEM market. Typical end-market applications include broadband data and voice networks, military systems, flight system avionics, medical equipment, industrial control systems, video surveillance, storage networking, VoIP and wireless infrastructure and interactive kiosks. Every SiliconDrive is integrated with SiliconSystems patented PowerArmor™ and patent-pending SiSMART™ technology to virtually eliminate storage systems failures.

PowerArmor technology prevents data corruption and loss from power disturbances by integrating proprietary voltage detection circuitry and logic into every SiliconDrive.

SiSMART acts as an early warning system to eliminate unscheduled downtime by constantly monitoring and reporting the exact amount of remaining storage system useful life.

Numerous SiliconSystems patented and patent-pending application-specific technology can be integrated into SiliconDrive to safeguard application data and software IP. Application notes detailing these performanceenhancing options are available under NDA.

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