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BoltCOR 30-17

EN50155, Intel Core and Xeon Fanless Server
Eurotech Group Vendor:
Eurotech Group
  • Details
  • Specification
  • 19" 1U Rack-Mount Short-Depth
  • Fanless Performance
  • EN50155 Tx Class
  • Storage Temperature: - 40 to +85 °C

The BoltCOR 30-17 is a fanless EN50155 certified server that is designed to exceed the requirements of rolling stock applications in the Tx temperature class; it is extremely rugged and suitable for any project where consistent performance and reliability are a must.

With up to 32GB of ECC DDR4, soldered down CPUs, mSATA storage and an S2 class power supply, the BoltCOR 30-17 is extremely reliable; conformal coating, a vent-free design and a sturdy build add extra protection to a compact, 295mm deep, 1U rack-mount chassis.

Based on standard COM Express, it is available in a range of high performance configurations, including Intel 6th Gen Core i7, i5, Celeron and Xeon D 15xx CPUs, with a selection of cores (2 to 8) and frequencies (up to 2.8Ghz).

Expandability options include two HDD/SSD drives, key-locked swappable storage bays, internal mSATA, a user-accessible SD slot and RAID levels 0, 1, 10 and 5; additional peripherals can be added via 3 miniPCIe and one x16PCIe slot.

The BoltCOR 30-17 features a wide range of radio and wireless capabilities, including cellular carrier pre-certified system configurations. Customization options include internal and external global cellular modems, dual modem/dual SIM configurations, MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and a GPS with Dead Reckoning.

The BoltCOR 30-17 affords unprecedented system configurability: off-the-shelf configurations and build-to-order variants out of a palette of CPU, power supply, memory, storage and I/O subsystems options.

Designed for rolling stock applications, the BoltCOR 30-17 offers long term availability and support programs that ensure continuity of supply and customer service.

Technical specifications


Entry level Celeron 3955U, 2.3GHz, Dual Core
Standard Core i7-6600U, 2.6GHz Core i5-6300U, 2.4GHz
High End Core i7-6822EQ, 2.0GHz Core i5-6442EQ, 1.9GHz
Headless Server Intel Xeon D-1519 1.5 GHz, Quad Core


Entry level up to 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz
Standard up to 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz
High End up to 32GB DDR4 2133MHz
Headless Server 8GB DDR4 ECC down, up to 16GB DDR4 2400MHz


Embedded up to 32GB SATA SSD (Factory Option)
Default Population 1x mSATA SSD 16GB, 1x SSD 256GB 2.5 (Entry level, Standard)
1x mSATA SSD 16GB, 1x SSD 256GB 2.5, 2x HDD 1TB 2.5 (High End)
1x mSATA SSD 16GB, 2x SSD 512GB 2.5 (Headless Server)
SATA 2x SATA III (Entry level)
3x SATA III (Standard)
4x SATA III (High End, Headless Server)
Raid Support No (Entry level, Standard)
Raid 0,1 (High End, Headless Server)
Removable Bays No (Entry level, Standard)
2x 2.5" Tray with Key Lock (High End, Headless Server)
Other 1x SDHC/SDXC Card Slot UHS-1 50MB/s max

I/O interfaces

Ethernet 2x 10/100/1000Gbps, X-coded Connector - Auto Sensing, IEEE 1588
USB 2x USB 2.0 Host - Noise and Surge Protected
Serial 1x Serial Console TTL
Video 1x Mini Display Port
SIM slot 2x 2FF (mini) dual-SIM Slot for up to two Modems
MiniPCIe Slots 4x MiniPCIe Full/Half-Size

Radio interfaces

Cellular Eurotech ReliaCELL 10-20 (carrier pre-certified)
GPS Eurotech ReliaCELL 10-20 (carrier pre-certified)
Wi-Fi / BT 802.11b/g/n + 4.0 BLE (Standard only)
Antennas Diversity 2X (Standard only)


RTC Yes, with SuperCAP (3 Months Retain)
Ext. Watchdog Yes
TPM 2.0 (Factory Option)
Sensors Temperature
LEDs 3x System (Power,SATA Activity, User Config.)


Input 24VDC or 110VDC isolated EN50155 S2


OS Fedora Linux - Ubuntu Server - RHEL Server - Windows 10
IoT Framework ESF Ready

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature EN50155 Tx class (Entry level, Standard, High End) EN50155 T3 class (Headless Server)
Storage Temperature -40 to + 85°C
Weight <7Kg


Regulatory EN50155 - CE - FCC - EN45545 (Fire and Smoke)
Safety UL 60950
Environmental RoHS2 - REACH
Wi-Fi / BT Radio RED
Enclosure Protection IP40
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