Hazardous Area Workstations, Computers, and LCDs

Hazardous Area, Class 1/Class 2, Div1/Div2 Solutions with Purged and Non-Purged Certified Systems
VarTech Systems Vendor:
VarTech Systems
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • NEMA 4X (IP66), waterproof and dustproof
  • 15.0” or 19.0” TFT LCD Workstations
  • 17.0” or 19.0” TFT LCD Enclosed Computers
  • Extreme Temperature and Corrosion Resistant
New automation software technology has caused a major migration of computers to be placed in the actual manufacturing area of production plants which may be classified as hazardous areas. VarTech's rugged purged series of industrial workstations and computer systems allow for the placement of totally enclosed computers into hazloc areas classified as hazardous (explosive or flammable). Intrinsically safe, this purging (pressurization) approach ensures that there will always be a continuous clean air-flow out of the enclosure thereby preventing the intrusion of explosive gasses or dust into the enclosure. VarTech now manufactures new Nonpurged Certified Class 1/Division 2 enclosed computers are also. These hazardous area computers will not cause conditions that may result in an unstable environment.
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