Proto-104 Module
Proto-104 Module PC/104 Prototype Board The PROTO-PC/104 is a PC/104-format prototype board that mounts on top of the PC/104 stack and allows you to build a custom peripheral or interface for your PC/104 system. All necessary connectors and hardware are provided to reduce your component sourcing efforts. A sample schematic is included to show you how to build a simple interface to the PC/104 bus, including data I/O, address mapping, DMA, and interrupt operation.
Connectors and Spacers
Connectors and Spacers PC/104 Bus Headers and Mounting Spacers PC/104 Bus Headers Use these parts to add your own circuit to a PC/104 system, or to add a PC/104 module to your own custom board. These are the same headers used on all our PC/104 modules and are guaranteed to be compatible with any PC/104-compliant header. Order 64-pin (8-bit main bus) and 40-pin (16-bit bus extension) components separately. Standard headers shown are stackthrough, allowing you to mount a module above and below. Non-stackthrough headers have the female socket on top and solder tail pins, allowing you to mount a module on top only. PC/104 Standards for Bus Headers The 8-bit (64-pin) header is required on each PC/104-compliant or PC/104-compatible circuit board. The 16-bit (40-pin) header is optional and is not used by all modules. All of Diamond Systems’ PC/104 modules come with both headers. PC/104 Mounting Spacers We now offer PC/104 spacers for board mounting. These .600″ length spacers are a non-standard length and can be hard to find in small quantities. Order either in bulk quantity (4 per board required) using SPC-104, or as the MTG104 single-board mounting kit. The kit includes 4 each spacers, #4-40×1/4 screws, and #4 nuts.
Jupiter-MM-7000 Rugged PC/104 Power Supplies The JMM-7000 family provides compact, rugged, MIL‑compliant DC power in the popular PC/104 form factor (3.6×3.8"/90×96 mm). JMM-7000 models offer compliance to a range of standards, including MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-810G, and DO-160. Optional 500V isolation, brownout protection, and supercapacitor-based UPS enhance these supplies’ utility in compact airborne, land, and sea vehicle electronic systems. The JMM 7300 series provides full MIL standards compliance. The depopulated JMM 7000 series are intended for use in commercial industrial applications where backup power or isolated power is required. SuperCapacitor Backup The SEP-7000 series of PC/104-sized supercapacitor energy packs is designed for use with the JMM-7000 power supplies with UPS option. These packs provide up to 3300 joules (wattsec) of backup energy to maintain stable system operation in case of power interruption. The charge / backup controller on the JMM-7000 utilizes a new supercapacitor charging technology that automatically controls the charging current and voltage of each capacitor bank in the pack to avoid overcharging or other potentially damaging fault conditions. Charge / discharge status and other control functions are available via LEDs on the JMM-7000 and via USB connection to the host CPU. SEP-7000 energy packs are available in two capacities and two configurations. A plug-on configuration mounts directly to the bottom side of the JMM-7000 to eliminate cables and create the most compact, rugged solution. A cable-connected configuration allows the energy packs to be positioned at a remote location to fit varying application requirements.
Mercator II
Mercator II PC/104-Plus Expansion Module with Quad Ethernet and Digital I/O The Mercator II PC/104-Plus module integrates 4 PCI-based 10/100 Ethernet ports with 24 user-configurable digital I/O lines in the compact and rugged PC/104 format. This 2-in-1 combination of Ethernet and digital I/O can help lower the size and cost of your embedded system by eliminating one additional board from your PC/104 stack. The Ethernet ports are driven by two dual Micrel KSZ8842 Mac + Phy PCI controller chips, two ports per chip, and are NE2000 compatible. Each chip has a unique MAC address; therefore, only two Ethernet ports are visible to the end user for active communication. The other two ports work in switch fashion to enable daisy chaining of networks with one port on the chip as an uplink to a network while the other port provides active communication on the network. The 24 digital I/O lines are based on an 82C55 chip and feature programmable direction in 4- and 8-bit groups. All I/O lines contain user-configurable 10K ohm pull-up resistors for convenience. Extended temperature capability (-40ºC to +85ºC) enables the board to operate in environments with extreme temperature swings, such as vehicles or outdoor installations. In addition, the board may be custom-configured with 0-ohm resistors in place of jumper blocks for increased ruggedness in high-vibration environments. Diamond Systems offers appropriate mating cables for your convenience. Cable number C-PRZ-02 provides a panel-mountable RJ-45 connector for the Ethernet, and cable number C-26-18 is a 26-conductor ribbon cable for the digital I/O.
Emerald-MM-8PLUS High Performance PC/104-Plus 8 Port RS232/422/485 Serial I/O Module Emerald-MM-8Plus is a high performance multi-protocol serial communications board offering eight ports on a single PC/104-Plus module. Supporting baud rates up to 921.6K bps in RS-232 mode or 1.8432Mbps in RS422 or RS485 mode, each port can be individually selected for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or TTL level operation. Both local-echo and non-local-echo modes are supported for RS-485. Protocol selection is achieved via a jumper block for each of the eight ports. Line termination for RS-422/485 modes is also jumper-selectable. Configuration of the Emerald-MM-8Plus is simple, using the built-in plug and play technology. For manual configuration, the base address for the board may be set in software, defining a 4K block of configuration space used to access the on-board registers. A single 32-bit read shows the detailed interrupt status for each of the eight ports. The PCI «slot» is defined through a jumper block. As with all Diamond Systems products, jumpers are paralleled with locations for zero ohm resistors to create a rugged, shock-and- vibration-resistant implementation. Emerald-MM-8Plus is based on the Exar 17D158 octal UART IC. This device contains 8 4 identical sets of 16C55registers, one for each port, and is compatible with the standard PC serial port. Each port contains 64‑byte transmit and receive FIFOs to support the high-speed data rates. Emerald-MM-8Plus also offers 8 convenient digital I/O lines. The direction of each line is independently programmable. Finally, Emerald-MM-8Plus also offers a 16-bit programmable counter / timer with a configurable clock source. Two I/O headers are provided, with four serial ports and four digital I/O lines on each header. The board operates on +5V only, eliminating the need for a +12V supply that is often required for serial port operation. Operating Systems Compatibility The Emerald-MM-8Plus is compatible with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP and Linux. If using Exar’s default Vendor and Device ID, you can use Exar’s module driver for Linux kernels 2.4.x and Linux kernels 2.6.1-2.6.7. Linux kernels 2.6.8 and newer have support in the kernel for the XR17×15x PCI UARTs. See the «8250_pci.c» in the kernel. If using your own Vendor and Device ID, you can use the module driver available from Exar after you modify the Vendor and Device ID accordingly in the module driver.
Emerald-MM-8EL High Performance PCI/104-Express 4- or 8-Port RS-232/422/485 Serial I/O Module with Opto‑isolation The Emerald-MM-8EL-XT is a family of high performance PCIe/104 «OneBank» serial I/O modules offering 4 or 8 multiprotocol serial ports with software-controlled configuration and optional opto-isolation. The serial ports are based on a high speed PCIe octal UART with 256-byte TX/RX FIFOs and auto RS-485 transmit control. Each serial port can be independently configured for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 protocols, along with programmable 120-ohm line termination. Each port is independently isolated with an isolated power + signal chip, plus additional isolators for control signals. The board features intelligent power management that limits inrush current on power-up and also enables power-down of unused serial ports for power savings. Opto-isolated models feature independent 2500VRMS isolation circuits for enhanced reliability in vehicle or long cable applications. All ports also feature +/-15KV ESD protection. Each serial port is available on an independent latching connector for increased isolation and ruggedness. With its wide operating temperature range and high resistance to shock and vibration, the EMM-8EL-XT fits a wide variety of rugged and on-vehicle embedded serial I/O application needs. EMM-8EL-XT also offers 8 digital/analog I/O lines which are programmable from the on-board microcontroller. Each I/O line can be configured for digital input or output. Seven of the I/O lines can be configured for 12-bit A/D input with selectable 0-2.048V or 0-3.3V input ranges. EMM-8EL-XT contains no configuration jumpers; all configuration and control is done with an onboard microcontroller. All configuration settings are stored in the microcontroller’s flash memory and are automatically loaded on power-up. Software Support The EMM-8EL-XT family is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/2000/XP and Linux 2.6. All drivers are shipped with the product. The on-board microcontroller is managed with a comprehensive software suite that makes configuring the EMM-8EL-XT fast and simple. A graphical control panel, a console application, and drivers for Windows and Linux are provided to enable convenient configuration of the board and control of the I/O features in a laboratory or system assembly environment, or embedded in the customer’s application software.
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