Advanced Technology PC/104-Plus DC/DC Power Supply
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  • Up to 110W total output power at 25°C
  • PC/104 and PC/104-Plus models available
  • Remote on/off control
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

Jupiter-MM-5000 power supplies consist of a PC/104 form factor module with complete DC-DC voltage regulator circuitry, integrated thermal solution, detachable screw terminal block I/O connections, and PC/104 bus connectors. The wide input voltage range of 8 to 32VDC is compatible with industry standard 12V, 24V, and 28V inputs.

On-board intelligence provides an unsurpassed level of control, monitoring and safety. All features are accessible and configurable via benchtop application software plus a programming library for real-time control.

The Jupiter-MM-5000 uses a state of the art design with the latest generation high efficiency components. It delivers efficiency as high as 95 percent, reducing input power requirements as well as heat generation.

Jupiter-MM-5000 was engineered for rugged applications such as automotive or on-vehicle. Extended temperature operation of −40°C to +85°C is tested and guaranteed. Low-profile, surface mount components reduce susceptibility to shock and vibration. Both a low profile heat sink and heat spreader are available. I/O connections are made with locking screw terminal blocks for the highest degree of ruggedness.

Advanced System Controller

The full featured Jupiter-MM-5312 models include a system controller that offers advanced configuration, control, and monitoring features. The system controller is accessed via a USB port and is accompanied by benchtop configuration software as well as an application library for in-application real-time control.

  • Individual supply on/off control for +12V, +5V, +5V standby, +3.3V, and +3.3V standby outputs
  • Individual supply output voltage / current monitoring
  • Output voltage sequencing and slew rate control
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Input voltage monitoring
  • Fault handling based on programmable limits with interrupt notification, including supply shutdown in case of overload or other programmed conditions
  • Hiccup mode for auto-restart when fault conditions are removed
  • Min / max voltage and temperature logging
  • Secondary input cutover voltage selection

I/O Connectivity

Jupiter-5000 has two detachable, locking screw terminal blocks with 14AWG wiring compatibility. The main power input is on a 4-position terminal block featuring dual input conductors for increased current capacity. One terminal blocks supply the output power for +5V and +12V. All output voltages from the supply are also fed to the designated power pins on the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors. There is also a two-pin friction lock pin header for hardwired remote on-off control.

Technical specifications
Input voltage 8 - 32VDC
Input ripple <100mV RMS
Transient cutoff 31V nominal
Output voltage / current (218 Watts) +5V at 20A
+12V at 8A
+3.3V at 5A
+5V standby at 1A
+3.3V standby at 0.1A
Output voltage / current (100/110 Watts) +5V at 20A
+12V at 8A
Power management Yes (218 Watts)
No (100/110 Watts)
Programmable on/off Yes (218 Watts)
No (100/110 Watts)
Output protection current limit / short circuit protection
Output ripple <50mV RMS (+5V output at 50% load)
Load regulation ±3%, Vmin to Vmax
Efficiency 80% to 95% varies with load and input voltage
On / off Remote and programmable on/off
PC/104-Plus connectors 16-bit stackthrough ISA bus
32-bit PCI bus
Dimensions PC/104 form factor 3.55 " x 3.775" (90mm x 96mm), not including screw terminals
Maximum height 0.435" (11mm) above PCB top surface
Weight 5.2oz (147g) with heat sink
5.8ox (164g) with heat spreader

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
RoHS Compliant

Ordering information:

Model Description
JMM-5312-APRHT Jupiter-MM-5312 218 Watt DC/DC power supply, +5V/+12V/+3.3V, system controller, PC/104-Plus, heat spreader, extended temperature
JMM-5312-ARHT Jupiter-MM-5312 218 Watt DC/DC power supply, +5V/+12V/+3.3V, system controller, PC/104, heat spreader, extended temperature
JMM-5012-APK Jupiter-MM-5012 110 Watt DC/DC power supply, +5V/+12V, PC/104-Plus, heat sink, extended temperature
JMM-5012-AK Jupiter-MM-5012 110 Watt DC/DC power supply, +5V/+12V, PC/104, heat sink, extended temperature
JMM-5000-APK Jupiter-MM-5000 100 Watt DC/DC power supply, +5V, PC/104-Plus, heat sink, extended temperature
JMM-5000-AK Jupiter-MM-5000 100 Watt DC/DC power supply, +5V, PC/104, heat sink, extended temperature

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