MicroMax Computer Intelligence was founded in 1979 and maintains corporate headquarters in New York City. MicroMax is an engineering company, designing specialized computer systems for mission critical applications, with a client base that includes the transportation industry (rail, marine and air), various industrial and manufacturing enterprises as well as financial and federal and municipal agencies.

The technical expertise of our highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff forms the backbone of our company. From the design stage to installation to our unsurpassed warranty, MicroMax clients are assured of the highest level of quality and service. MicroMax carries the line of over two dozen manufacturers of computer components, communications products and specialized electronics for automation and control, thereby enabling MicroMax to offer the best prices, state of the art equipment, knowledge of the marketplace as well as the latest technological developments to our clients.

Our engineers are unsurpassed in their ability to analyze requirements and tailor a solution meeting all specifications which allow us to design M-Max® systems to fit the specific technical requirements of the customer.

From the design and planning stage until the system is fully operational, the MicroMax team can help you along each phase of your project:

  • Evaluate current needs and future growth requirements
  • Prepaqre specifications and recommendations for hardware and software
  • Purchase, ship, deliver and install equipment and software
  • Train personnel

Our clients have the assurance that MicroMax personnel have the highest level of dedication and training and that MicroMax offers the unique combination of western business practices with the long standing tradition of fundamental technical education and training.

Our Expertise

Mission Critical Systems

  • Rugged Embedded Single Board Computers (SBC) designed and built with all components approved to operate in the -40°C to +85°C range, with high degree of shock and vibration protection as well as special conformal coating to protect boards from moisture and other corrosive substances, with a high MTBF.
  • On-board and field multifunction systems for use in harsh environments, with very high mean time before failure (MTBF).
  • Mobile and in-vehicle computers and displays for use in harsh conditions.
  • State-of-the-art ruggedized computers and flat-panel displays designed to perform in all environments under almost any condition from the rigors of an offshore oil rig to the intense shock and vibration of a space shuttle.
  • Extra durable and reliable computer systems for automation and process control protected from dust, moisture and other environmental hazards for use in the most environmentally unfriendly conditions.
  • Rack design industrial and telecommunication computer platforms.
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