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MicroMax Announced Completion of Field Test for M-Max 400 ST/USO

February 25, 2013

Sam Abarbanel, President of MicroMax, stated “We are extremely proud that the newest addition to the M-Max family of computers has completed all stringent field tests. The M-Max 400 ST/USO is the major part enabling an enhanced ATC system that increases railroad traffic capacity by 10% without any changes in the rolling stock. Our technology can ensure better operation while improving reliability, and this show is definitely the best venue to demonstrate what we can do.”

The M-Max 400 ST/USO is an error-free rugged computer for on-board and off-the-shelf applications. It is built to provide error-free signaling information processing, based on 2-out-of-2 architecture in full compliance with CENELEC SIL4 specifications. The M-Max 400 ST/USO  contains two identical subsystems connected to each other via an internal interface. Each subsystem has its own processing core and a UPS employing an intelligent ultracapacitor-based charging device.

The M-Max 400's two independent CPUs form a vital processing core and perform calculations in different ways. Once per cycle they are synchronised with each other to exchange data and perform consistency cross-checks. The UPS ultracapacitors provide the system with 70 seconds of backup power. The system is designed for use on stationary objects within a railway infrastructure.

The M-Max line offers performance comparable to high end desktop systems at a fraction of the size.  The fanless M-Max, housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure with dual shock and vibration protection, is designed for operation in harsh environments including extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and vibration. MicroMax, as a manufacturer of industrial computers, takes a customized approach to each client – with their engineering group designing M-Max systems to fit the specific technical requirements of the customer.

For more information, visit MicroMax’s website or if you will be attending Embedded World in person, stop by Booth 1-509, Hall 1.

MicroMax Computer Intelligence was founded in New York, USA, in 1979. It specializes in designing and manufacturing of embedded solutions for harsh environments, systems development and distribution of industrial computing and communication products.

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