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Heat-Chamber Tests Confirm Temperature Range Expansion for M-Max HR 1U GX

August 18, 2020

Rugged low-cost M-Max HR 1U GX system New York, August 18, 2020 — MicroMax’s engineers have completed temperature tests of the rugged M‑Max HR 1U GX system.

We are pleased to announce that the results showed that the rugged low-cost M‑Max HR 1U GX system is fully operational with an even wider temperature range.

The high end operational temperature has increased from 50 °C to +60°C, and the low end temperature dropped down to −40°C from initial preliminary calculations −20°C.

The high temperature increase is mostly attributed to the mechanical quality and design which allows effective heat dissipation from interior components. Once more it reinforces the highest engineering standards of MicroMax.

The low temperature expansion is more a product of components than mechanical design and has to be confirmed in each varying configuration.

In summary, the new standard temperature range for the M‑Max HR 1U GX is −20°C to +60°C, while the extended temperature range of −40°C to +60°C is available as an option.

MicroMax, as a manufacturer of industrial computers, takes a customized approach to each client. Our engineering group can design M-Max systems to fit customer-specific technical requirements.

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