Option Industrial Computers

A wide range of ruggedized PC compatible computers and peripherals
Option Industrial Computers
Country: Canada

OPTION INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS was established in 1992 and has become a recognized innovator in industrial computing design. Benefiting from our marketing, engineering staff experience and armed with data from our market research, OIC offers a wide range of ruggedized PC compatible computers and peripherals, such as rugged portable computers, industrial PCs in various formats, industrial monitors and sealed keyboards. The design and manufacturing process is 100% made in North America, guaranteeing first-rate product quality and above standard after-sale support.

Our studies uncovered major concerns on the part of many companies about utilisation of PC technology in process control, data collection, systems monitoring and real time applications. The standard PC designs do not offer the required reliability, and PC manufactures are not positioned to provide the required engineering revision control and life cycle support demanded for those applications. Furthermore, we found that customer wanted a supplier that understood their concerns and had infrastructure supporting a 3-5 year production run and support period. The PC manufacturers are not concerned with these requirements, nor are PC design to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with low MTTR and high MTBF. The OPTION Team is an exceptional talent pool of mechanical and electronic designer who design products to marketing specifications and tests it for reliability and compatibility. Option products have earned a reputation of superior and innovative design, high reliability and Option employees are dedicated to maintaining this high standard of quality.

All engineering, manufacturing, testing and technical support are done from our factory in Montreal, Quebec. This tight-knit gives us a very tight control loop, allowing rapid new product development and control cycles. This means for our customers the highest quality product at competitive prices.

In addition to our high standard of quality at the design stage, our test department is structured to test every unit for 100 hours in a temperature control room, our reliability monitoring dept. include a supplier rating system and database of each components which tracks field reliability by product serial number.

Quality at Option is a state of mind, we are committed to design, manufacture and deliver on time defect-free products. The first time. Every time. We are totally dedicated to exceed the expectations of our customers and we will continue to set the standard of excellence for industrial computers products.

Option Industrial Computers products in MicroMax's catalog:

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