Tri-M Technologies Inc.

Rugged embedded systems hardware including CPU boards, I/O and communication modules, and enclosures
Tri-M Technologies Inc.
Country: Canada

Tri-M products in MicroMax's catalog

Tri-M Technologies Inc. provides hardware and turnkey solutions for embedded systems, specializing in PC/104 products. The company was founded by Douglas Stead in 1983. Since then we have provided the utmost in customer service and quality products.

Tri-M manufactures a wide range of products, and offer extensive design, engineering, and other technical services for standard, semi-custom, and custom requirements.

Below are just a few examples from the vast range of Tri-M products:

Triple Programmable Output 240W SFF Power Supply

The HPSP is the product family name of the power supply platform HPSP-x-y-z. The «x» suffix defines the OUT1 voltage, «y» suffix the OUT2 voltage and «z» the OUT3 voltage. In addition to the three main outputs the HPSP also provides a 5VSBY 1A output.

The HPSP is a state-of-the-art Mosfet based design that provides outstanding line and load regulation and high efficiency. The low noise design makes the HPSP ideal for use aboard aircraft or military applications or wherever EMI or RFI must be minimized. See more...

V12SC-SER(-UPS). PC/104 UPS and Universal Charger V12SC-SER(-UPS)
PC/104 UPS and Universal Charger with Solar Panel Support

The V12SC-SER when integrated with a backup power source is a rugged uninterruptable power system (UPS) supplying up to 12V @ 5A and 5V @ 1A for use in remote and hostile environments. The V12SC-SER can be powered from a solar panel or from a vehicle power source. The input power protection is designed to MIL-STD-1275 requirements and can handle transients and load dumps found on heavy vehicles such as large mining trucks. See more...

UltraUPS Uninterruptible Power Solutions for Hostile Environments UltraUPS
Uninterruptible Power Solutions for Hostile Environments

The ultraUPS are a series of backup power solutions for rugged and hostile environments where down time for servicing and power outages is unacceptable or uneconomical.

All the ultraUPS units operate down to −40°C and the ultra capacitor units up to +85°C. The main input of the ultraUPS protects against vehicle «load dumps» and transients and is designed to MIL‑STD‑1275 requirements. The ultraUPS units also supports power direct from 15V or 30V solar panels. See more...

IR104. PC104 Rugged Relay Board IR104
PC104 Rugged Relay Board

The IR104 is a PC104 rugged industrial relay module featuring 20 optoisolated digital inputs and 20 relay outputs, sufficient for many industrial control applications. The relays are supplied with a contact rating of 250VAC or 30VDC @ 5A giving the IR104 the ability to directly control switches for small motors or solenoids.

The IR104 operates on single 5VDC, has a −25° to +70°C operating temperature range and is RoHS compliant. See more...

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