ETX module
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • ULV or standard voltage Intel Celeron M with FSB 400MHz
  • Maximum 1GB DDR-266 SDRAM
  • Intel Extreme Graphics 2, dual channel LVDS, optional TV out, HDTV I/F
  • IDE, Ethernet, USB 2.0, 2S1P, IrDA, KB/MS, AC97
ETX-IM266 is based on the Intels embedded 852GM Northbridge and ICH4 Southbridge. It supports Celeron M CPUs in the range of 600MHz to 1.5GHz. The CPU / Chipset combination is ideal for applications that require average performance, low cost, reliability, and long product availability. The Intel 852GM Chipset graphics memory controller hub (GMCH-M) provides integrated graphics (250MHz) capabilities and power saving features. The 852GM Northbridge incorporates a DDR memory controller and supports DDR266/200 memory for up to 1GB in a single 200-pin SODIMM socket. Graphic support for CRT and single/dual channel LVDS is included. Optionally, the board can support TV 0ut (SDTV and HDTV). The integrated EIDE controller supports both PIO and UDMA modes, USB ports v2.0, two serial ports, one parallel port (SPP/ECP/EPP), one PS2 keyboard/mouse interface, AC97 audio interface, Fast Ethernet LAN controller, and power management functionality.
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