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COM Express Type 10 Reference Carrier Board
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  • 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, and 1x USB client
  • Supports DisplayPort and LVDS (eDP optional)
  • 1x SD card slot, 2x LAN connectors
  • 2x mini PCIe card slots (one supports mSATA)

The COM Express approach of custom carrier combined with off the shelf system cores is an excellent solution when you need to customize but lack the time or quantity for a complete redesign. It fits most system integration projects with production volumes from 500 to 10,000 pcs per year.

The COM Express concept has a great many advantages over full custom designs. It reduces engineering complexity, lowers the threshold for total project quantity and last but not least brings your product to the market in no time. The average time to design a carrier board is less than half the time of a full custom OEM board.

The miniBASE-10R is a Mini-ITX size carrier board. Together with the COM Express Type 10 module of your choice and off the shelf add-on cards you can quickly emulate the functionality of your desired end product for software development and hardware verification.

To build a functional prototype of your target system you will need:

  • COM Express Type 10 module
  • miniBASE-10R carrier board
  • PCI Express based or USB based add on cards
  • SATA storage or flash disk solution

The miniBASE-10R is compatible with Mini size Type 10 pinout COM Express modules and accommodates up to one Mini PCIe card, one Mini PCIe/mSATA card slot and one SD card.

The miniBASE-10R integrates a Smart Battery Management System that supports two Smart Batteries and 19V adaptor input. The integrated Smart Battery Management System is compliant with the Smart Battery Manager Specification and uses the System Management Bus (SMBus) for communications between the battery power subsystem, Smart Batteries and host system (COM Express module). It is ACPI compliant and provides complete Smart Battery management under a supported operating system.

Adlink’s COM Express modules feature a BIOS that fully supports all Smart Battery communications using existing interfaces defined in the COM Express specification and are fully compatible with the integrated Smart Battery Management System. The integrated Smart Battery Management System is a proof-of-concept battery power subsystem that allows for quick development and integration of battery power into a COM Express system in the following ways:

  • To emulate the battery power subsystem functionality of your prototype system during the design phase
  • As a ready-made battery power subsystem for your customized system
  • As a reference design to integrate a battery power subsystem into your custom-designed carrier
Technical specifications
Core Module Interface PICMG COM Express Revision 2.1
Supports Type 10 modules in Mini form factor
Dimensions 150 mm x 142 mm
POST LEDs Onboard diagnostics for BIOS POST code data and address on LPC bus
Secondary BIOS Onboard sockets for secondary SPI flash
Audio Realtek audio codec
Realtek ALC262 on DB-Audio2 daughter board (optional)
Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in on DB-Audio2 daughter board (optional)
Digital I/O SMBus to GPIO bridge
LAN Dual Intel GbE Controller i210 (one from COM Express module, one from carrier board)


COM Express 1x 220-pin (Type 10)
LVDS 1x onboard header
DisplayPort 1x onboard header
Audio Mic/Line-in/Line-out on I/O panel
SATA 1x SATA connector
LAN 2x LAN supports, 10/100/1000BASE-T compatible RJ-45 on I/O panel
USB 2x USB 3.0 on I/O panel
2x USB 2.0 on I/O panel
1x USB client
Serial Port 2x DB-9 on I/O panel
SD card 1x socket onboard
Smart Battery One header for Smart Battery management communications (connects to ADLINK BattMan board)
GPIO GPIO 8-pin header
Module control bus SMBus, I2C
Miscellaneous Reset button, Lid button, Sleep button, Power button, Power LED, HDD LED
Model Description
miniBASE-10R COM Express Type 10 Reference Carrier Board
nanoX Starter Kit PLUS COM Express form factor starterkit with MiniBase-10R carrier board, power supply, and accessory kit (order COM Express module, LVDS panel and thermal solution separately!)
DB40 Multi purpose Debug Board for COM Express
LPC_DEBUG_2 LPC Debug Board with secondary BIOS
P16TO28 PCIe x16-to-two-x8 adapter card
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