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Model 2453/2454

IP Video Encoder/Decoder Server
Sensoray Vendor:
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  • Two independent output streams from one video input
  • Includes RS-232/422/485 port and two GPIOs
  • Mass: 2453 (without enclosure): 74 g, 2454: 17 g
  • Temperature Range: -0°C to +70°C

Model 2453 is a compact IP video server that captures and compresses analog audio and NTSC/PAL video and sends the resulting streams over Ethernet. It can simultaneously produce two output streams with independent resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates, allowing it to be easily tailored to match network capabilities and application requirements. It provides a number of advanced features including deinterlacing with motion artifact removal, real-time text overlay, and image rotation and mirroring.

Video can be output as an elementary stream or multiplexed. A variety of stream formats are supported, including MPEG-4 (.m4v) and H.264 (.264 or .h264) elementary streams, MP4 (.mp4) and MPEG-2 transport stream (.ts) containers, and MJPEG (.mjpg or .mjpeg). The transport stream uses AAC audio and H.264 or MPEG-4 ASP video.

The overlay generators can position up to 160 characters of text anywhere in the video frame. A unique text string, consisting of mixed constant and variable text, may be defined for each overlay generator. Text variables such as time, date, and frame count are automatically updated every video frame.

A flexible serial port, configurable as RS232, RS422 or RS485 is provided for camera PTZ control or general-purpose use. Several other peripherals can be easily added with an optional 2453TAS board:

  • One digital input and one output, useful for alarms, lighting control or general purpose use. The output is optically isolated and the input may be optically isolated or galvanically coupled.
  • A host USB port for connection to external storage or wireless LAN.
  • An SD card socket that allows a removable flash card to serve as local storage for captured video and audio — useful for mitigating network congestion problems when data losses are unacceptable or for gapless monitoring during closed network access windows.
  • A battery that enables retention of date and time when the unit is not powered.
Model 2453 can also perform as a decoder, receiving a compressed audio/video stream over the network and converting it to standard analog video and audio signals (decoding is guaranteed only for streams captured with the 2453).

The built-in web server allows device configuration and control, user management, and live stream previewing on any web browser.

Customization of the 2453 user interface is easy. Controls that are not required can be hidden and page headers can be replaced with custom graphics. See the instructions for complete details.

Model 2453 is available in four configurations:

  • 2453TAS — model 2453 + model 2453TA in metal enclosure;
  • 2453S — model 2453 is in a low-profile metal enclosure;
  • 2453 — a board version;
  • A miniature version of the product, model 2454, weighing less than one ounce, provides the same functionality as model 2453 using high density headers instead of standard connectors.

Technical specifications

Video & Audio

A/V Inputs video: NTSC/PAL composite, 75 Ω
audio: line stereo, microphone mono.
A/V Outputs video: NTSC/PAL composite, 75 Ω (decoder or pass-through mode)
audio: line stereo.
Video compression H.264 (HP@L3), Motion JPEG
Audio compression G.711 (A-law, µ-law), 8 kHz, 8 bits/sample
AAC-LC, 48 kHz, 32-512 kbps bitrate.
Video capture resolutions 704x480, 352x240, 176x120 (NTSC)
640x480, 320x240, 160x120 (NTSC)
720x480, 360x240, 180x120 (NTSC)
704x576, 352x288, 176x144 (PAL)
720x576, 360x288, 180x144 (PAL)
Frame Rate H.264: 30/15/10/6 fps (NTSC),
25/12.5/8.3/5 fps (PAL).
Video streaming Up to 2 video streams with individually configurable compression types, bitrates, resolutions and frame rates.
Output stream formats MPEG-TS, H.264 VES, MJPEG
Image adjustments and processing Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue (NTSC)
rotation (90°, 180°, 270°), mirroring
interlacing artifacts removal
text overlay with optional auto timestamps
privacy mask.


Network security Password protection; IP Address Filtering; Digest access authentication; User access log.
Network protocols HTTP, RTP, RTSP, UDP
Alarm triggers Video loss, GPI
Alarm actions GPO activation, e-mail notification, HTTP, FTP upload.


General purpose I/O 1 optically isolated or galvanically coupled input
1 optically isolated output
(Requires optional 2453TA board).
Serial interface RS-232/422/485
Network interface 10/100Base-T(X)
Power 1.7 W (typical), 2.2 W max, 5 V DC
Dimensions 3“ x 4.125“ (without enclosure)
Mass 2453 (without enclosure): 74 g
2454: 17 g
Options 2453TA termination board adds GPIO, USB host interface, real-time clock backup battery holder, SD card socket.

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C
Model Description
2453 IP Video Server Board w/Connectors
2453S IP Video Server in Enclosure
2453TAS IP Video Server w/2453TA in Enclosure
2454 IP Video Server without Connectors

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