Orlando AN

Dual channel analog video frame grabber and video output board
  • Details
  • PCI Express and PC/104-Plus form factor
  • Dual analog video input and dual video output board
  • PAL (50 Hz) and NTSC (60Hz)
  • 720 * 576 (PAL), 720 * 484 (NTSC) image resolution

The Orlando AN consists of two analog video input ports and two analog video output ports. The Orlando AN can be configured in a flexible way e.g.:

  • Frame grabber: to acquire video of two cameras at the same time. It is also possible to fuse both images to one capture.
  • Video output board: to display images of the host.
  • Video in-to-out board: to display incoming video data with e.g. video overlay generated by host (e.g a logo, annotation, date). Picture-in-picture with the 2nd video input is possible too.

Video scaling at the incoming video signal and adding video overlay can be done on board.

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