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Rugged Tablet PC
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • 10.4" XGA Display
  • Dual Mode, AllVue Xtreme or Dual Mode AllVue Xtreme
  • Intel® Core Duo or Celeron® M CPU technology
  • IP65
Tough as nails and built with industry leading technology, Xplore has developed a feature rich solution, our new iX104C4, to address the needs of the growing rugged mobile computing market.

Xplore rugged mobile computers are designed to deliver industry leading technology. The iX104C4 is powered by an Intel dual core processor which enables it to utilize the full power of Windows operating systems: Vista Business and XP Tablet PC Edition. This powerful combination enables organizations to distribute more applications in the field and increase worker productivity.

Ultra Rugged
Triple-layer Magnesium housing along with a patented rugged bumper system and customized gaskets enable the iX104C4 to survive the most extreme harsh environments. The award winning iX104 design is so rugged that it can withstand repeated drops directly on to concrete, extended use in high vibrations scenarios, the most extreme temperatures, and sealed protection against the damage of dust and liquid.

The user accessible hard drive and PCMCIA bays can be employed for compact flash cards or Xplore approved wireless cards.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology is embedded into every iX104C4. This security feature protects highly sensitive system data such as key codes, passwords, and digital certificates from external software attacks and physical theft. Xplore iX104C4 also incorporates a durable fingerprint reader for Windows security authentication. In addition a Kensington lock interface enables the device to be physically secured.

The multifaceted design of our iX104C4 enables organizations to adapt this rugged mobile computer to address current and future needs. Onboard ports on tablet and docking stations provide users with the ability to utilize off-the-shelf accessories to expand functionality of the device. Special rugged connectors enable the iX104C4 to interface with Xplore developed expansion modules such as our xGPS and xSwipe modules.

Xplore rugged iX104 family incorporates award winning technology with portability that provides organizations a tool to easily view electronic forms, geospatial data, video, schematics and other critical information on site where the work actually gets done. AllVue Xtreme is the best indoor/outdoor viewable technology on the market enabling end users to see the information they need in all conditions.

Easy to Use
Auto sensing Dual Mode technology gives end users the ability to interface with information using pen or touch capability. Entering information directly at the work site enables organization to eliminate any need for double entering of information and updates records more quickly while increasing the accuracy of data entered.

The iX104C4 has redesigned antennas for superior performance with wireless options including wLAN, wWAN, PAN (Bluetooth) and GPS. Long life Lithium Ion battery technology with warm swap capability supports extended field use away from wired power sources. Carry cases and mobile mounts enable these industry leading rugged computers to be used in a variety of locations.

Low Cost of Ownership
The award winning rugged design of the iX104 helps it last longer in demanding environments, equipping it to withstand damage that would stop a normal computer in its tracks. Xplore Tablet PCs are designed, third party tested and warranted to US Military Standards (MIL-STD 810F). Don’t put up with flimsy substitutes, choose Xplore.
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