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Single use impact indicator
  • Details
  • Specification
  • Surface mounting, with awareness labels
  • All weather inside/outside use
  • Multi-directional shock indication
  • Immediate indication window

Trans-Monitor is the ideal low cost impact indicator for use in safeguarding your shipments by creating a high level of awareness and accountability in the transportation chain. Provides undisputable proof of rough handling at change points or final delivery. This reduces warranty and insurance disputes and improves customer satisfaction.

High value, technically sensitive, fragile or simply finding the weak spots in your tansport chain,Trans-Monitor has an immediate positive effect.

A Trans-Monitor consists of two sets of spring loaded steel balls mounted in a rugged housing with a transparent window. The springs are calibrated to withstand forces up to the g rating of the unit. If impacts of a greater than rated value are imposed, the balls will dislodge from their set positions.

The Trans-Monitor is all-directional. It registers impacts from any angle. When an impact takes place, one or more balls are forced out of their socket. Since the ball and spring sets are at a 90° angle from each other, any excessive g force will displace at least one of the balls.

 Height  0.65in/16.50mm
 Width  4.06in/103.12mm
 Length  3.78in/96.00mm
 Temp  -100°F to 155°F/-73°C to 68°C
 Accuracy  15%
 Mounting  Self-adhesive/screws
 "G" Range  10g thru 100g in increments of 10g
Also available 5g, 15g, 25g, and 300g
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