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16-bit Analog I/O PC/104 Module With Autocalibration
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • 32 analog inputs
  • 16-bit A/D resolution
  • 4 analog outputs
  • 12-bit D/A resolution
After reading about our new Diamond-MM-32 board, we think you will be convinced: There is simply no other board in the world that can compare with these features at any price. And that does not mean that this board is expensive. On the contrary, we have priced Diamond-MM-32 to compete with the standard 16-bit A/D boards that you will find from our competitors around the world. Take a look at the performance and features described below and see for yourself.

Diamond-MM-32 is the first PC/104 analog I/O board to feature automatic calibration of both analog inputs and outputs for enhanced accuracy and reliability. The potentiometers, which are subject to tampering and vibration, have been eliminated. Instead, all A/D calibration adjustments are performed using an octal 8-bit DAC. The DAC values are stored in an EEPROM and are recalled automatically on power up. The board includes three precision voltage references for negative full scale, zero, and positive full-scale. A calibration utility program provided with the board allows you to recalibrate the board anytime, in both unipolar and bipolar modes, and store the new settings in EEPROM.

Autocalibration applies to the 4 D/A channels as well. The full-scale D/A range is selected with a jumper block. The analog outputs are fed back to the A/D converter so they can be calibrated without user intervention. Again, calibration settings are stored in EEPROM and automatically recalled on power-up.
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