Blue Heat/Net Sync

Ethernet-to-Serial solution for data communications
Connect Tech Vendor:
Connect Tech
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  • 4 ports
  • Baud Rate: up to 10 Mbps
  • 66MHz CPU with 16 MB SDRAM and 8 MB Flash
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +60°C (32°F to 140°F)

Connect Tech’s Blue Heat/Net Sync offers a synchronous Ethernet-to-serial solution for data communications.

Based on the robust uCLinux (Linux embedded operating system), the Blue Heat/Net Sync can be programmed with application specific protocols. Blue Heat/Net Sync incorporates multiple electrical interfaces and remote configurability to free devices from a physical connection. Remote access increases location flexibility and simplifies future installations or upgrades, reducing costs.

The Blue Heat/Net Sync can be configured and controlled via serial interface or remotely via web based HTTP. With the option to boot from on-board Flash memory or a network location, updating devices in the field can be done from a central location.

Technical specifications
Ports 4 ports
Electrical Interfaces Software switchable; V.28 (RS-232), V.10 (RS-423), V.11 (RS-422, X21), V.35, EIA-530, EIA-530A, V.36 (RS-449) – Termination resistors for V.11 and V.35
Encoding Modes NRZI: NRZ, NRZB, NRZI-Mark, NRZI-Space
Bi-Phase: Bi-Phase-Space, Bi-Phase-Manchester,
Differential Bi-Phase
Control Signals Differential: TxD+/-, RxD+/-, RTS+/-, CTS+/-, DTR+/-, DCD+/-, DSR+/-, RxClock, TxClock, Single ended: TxD, RxD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI, DCD, RxClock, TxClock
Baud Rate Asynchronous: up to 230.4 Kbps, Synchronous: up to 10 Mbps
Protocols BiSync, DLC, HDLC, MonoSync, Transparent BiSync (with 16 and 32 bit CRC checking)
LAN interface 10Base-T, 100Base-TX Ethernet (auto-sensing)
CPU 66MHz CPU with 16 MB SDRAM and 8 MB Flash
Memory 16MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
Configuration Web browser (HTTP), Telnet console or serial utility
Dimensions Length: 133 cm/5.24” | Width: 244 cm/9.61” | Height: 43 cm/1.69”
Clocking Software selectable internal/external clocking. External clocking is provided on TXC and RXC pin
Bipolar Clock Clock input accepts sin or square wave signals up to 10 Mbps, +/- 10 V
ESD Protection 15 kV
Power Requirements 5 V DC (2.4A) to 30 V DC (450mA) using DC barrel or Phoenix screw terminal connector
Rack Mount 1U, 19” rack mountable

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature: 0°C to +60°C (+32°F to +140°F)
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Regulatory Approvals: EN 55022, EN 55024, FCC/ICES-003
Model Description
BMG006 Blue Heat/Net, Multi-protocol with 4 ports. RoHS compliant.
BMG006-01 Blue Heat/Net bundle includes one of: BMG006, CBG006, MSG007
CBG006 Straight through CAT 5 Ethernet Cable 1.8 m (6 ft). RoHS compliant.
MSG007 3.0A 5V regulated universal power supply with North American line cord. RoHS compliant.
MS009 DIN Rail Mount option
MS010 DIN rail mount clips

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