8-Port RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 PC/104 Module
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • 8 serial ports
  • 8 digital I/O lines
  • Up to 460.8kbps data rate
  • -40 to +85ºC operation
Now with higher density than ever, our new Emerald-MM-8 gives you 8 serial ports on a single PC/104 module.

In RS-232 mode, the full complement of standard PC serial port signals (8 signals + ground) are provided for each port. In RS-422 mode, Signals RX+, RX-, TX+, and TX- are provided, along with ground. In RS-485 mode, signals TX+/RX+ and TX-/RX- are provided, along with ground. Ports are grouped 4 per 40-pin I/O header. Ports 1-4 are on the right, and ports 5-8 are on the left.

Two 16C654 quad serial port ICs are used for the serial ports. This chip supports data rates up to 460.8kbps and contains a 64-byte transmit and receive FIFOs for each port to minimize processor

Each version of the board provides 8 serial ports operating at speeds up to 460.8kbps. Several versions are available:

  • EMM-8M-XT 8 ports RS-232/422/485 user selectable
  • EMM-8232-XT 8 ports fixed RS-232 (low-cost version)
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