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Connectors and Spacers

PC/104 Bus Headers and Mounting Spacers
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  • Create your own PC/104 board
  • Add PC/104 expansion to another board
  • Either stackthrough or non-stackthrough connectivity
  • Mounting spacers: 0.600" length, 3/16" round aluminum, stackthrough capability

PC/104 Bus Headers
Use these parts to add your own circuit to a PC/104 system, or to add a PC/104 module to your own custom board. These are the same headers used on all our PC/104 modules and are guaranteed to be compatible with any PC/104-compliant header. Order 64-pin (8-bit main bus) and 40-pin (16-bit bus extension) components separately. Standard headers shown are stackthrough, allowing you to mount a module above and below. Non-stackthrough headers have the female socket on top and solder tail pins, allowing you to mount a module on top only.

PC/104 Standards for Bus Headers
The 8-bit (64-pin) header is required on each PC/104-compliant or PC/104-compatible circuit board. The 16-bit (40-pin) header is optional and is not used by all modules. All of Diamond Systems’ PC/104 modules come with both headers.

PC/104 Mounting Spacers
We now offer PC/104 spacers for board mounting. These .600″ length spacers are a non-standard length and can be hard to find in small quantities. Order either in bulk quantity (4 per board required) using SPC-104, or as the MTG104 single-board mounting kit. The kit includes 4 each spacers, #4-40×1/4 screws, and #4 nuts.

Model Description
H-104-40-ST Header, PC/104 40-Pin Stack
H-104-40-NS Header, PC/104 40-Pin Nonstack
H-104-64-ST Header, PC/104 64-Pin Stack
H-104-64-NS Header, PC/104 64-Pin Nonstack
MTG104 PC/104 Mounting Kit, 4 ea. Spacers, Screws, Nuts
SPC-104 PC/104 spacer,#4-40 x.600" M/F 3/16 Dia Alum
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