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ISA to PC/104 Adapter

Passive extender card
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Connect Tech
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  • PC/104 64 and 40-pin passive stack-through connectors
  • Breadboarding area for electrical circuit assembly and testing
  • Dimensions: 6.145″ x 4.200″
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +65°C (-22°F to +149°F)

This passive extender card allows developers to install an 8 or 16-bit PC/104 card into a standard ISA bus PC system, avoiding the need for a dedicated PC/104 stack for development work.

The adapter is equipped with a stack-through connector so the test card can be installed on either side enabling probing on the front or the back.

The design also includes a reset button, for convenient push-button resetting of the test card without resetting the host computer. This feature is extremely useful when debugging hardware interactions requiring a hardware «clean slate».

Standard Usage
Simply stack the test PC/104 card onto the adapter’s PC/104 connectors and insert the adapter into the host system’s ISA slot. No additional configuration is required.

Important Note:
Only one PC/104 card can be used per adapter card.

Model Description
ADG003 ISA to PC/104 Adapter
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