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EPIC, MITX, EBX Enclosure
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  • Dual shock and vibration protection system
  • 6063-T5 extruded aluminum, 0.125” thick
  • Standard lengths: 4.55” (EPIC), 6.75” (Mini-ITX) and 10” (EBX)
  • Custom lengths: up to 48”

The FlexTainer is a rugged enclosure system for packaging EPIC, EBX, or Mini-ITX CPU payloads. It is constructed of .125″ aluminum and designed for hostile and mobile environments. The FlexTainer features a dual system of shock and vibration isolation: The CPU payload is mounted horizontally in the enclosure with two internal rubber corner rails to absorb high-frequency vibrations, while the entire enclosure is mounted on the host platform with a thick rubber pad which absorbs low-frequency G-forces. The rubber pad may be removed for optional mounting solutions such as hard mounting, flange endcap, or fluidic mount assembly.


  • Dual shock and vibration protection system
  • EPIC, Mini-ITX, and EBX mounting
  • Passively cooled
  • Easily customized: length, coating, etching, milling, mounting
  • 6036-T5 extruded aluminum
  • high grade extruded rubber
  • available in standard lengths:
  • 4.55″ (EPIC), 6.75″ (Mini-ITX) and 10″ (EBX)
  • RoHS compliant

Model Description
FT-0455-NC FlexTainer body, length=4.55", rubber shockmount pad, no endcaps
FT-0675-NC FlexTainer body, length=6.75", rubber shockmount pad, no endcaps
FT-1000-NC FlexTainer body, length=10.0", rubber shockmount pad, no endcaps
FT48-EXT FlexTainer Extrusion, 4'(48") length, black anodized
FT-EC00 Blank Flextainer Endcap
FT-EC-Custom Custom punched endcaps, etching optional
FT-MTG-EPIC Mounting plate for EPIC boards
FT-MTG-EBX Mounting plate for EBX boards
FT-MTG-MITX Mounting plate for Mini-ITX boards
MTG‑BRK01‑KIT Quick mounting bracket
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