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PC/104 16-Bit Analog I/O Module with Autocalibration
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  • 16 analog inputs, 16-bit resolution
  • 100KHz max sampling rate
  • Programmable gain and range
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C tested and guaranteed

The DMM-16RP-AT features top performance and flexibility for a mid-range price. It has 16 single-ended / 8 differential analog voltage inputs with both unipolar and bipolar input ranges, programmable gain, and a maximum sampling rate of 100KHz. The 4 D/A channels and 16 digital I/O lines provide additional real-world control and monitoring capability.

The full −40 to +85°C industrial temperature operation ensures reliable and accurate performance in any embedded system application. A fully-featured software library with example programs and a graphical user interface completes the solution to make the DMM-16RP-AT a solid choice for PC/104-Plus embedded systems requiring analog I/O.

DMM-16RP-AT is implemented as a PC/104-Plus board, however it features a novel dual bus interface. Both ISA and PCI connectors are installed and connected to the FPGA. The board will autoselect the PCI bus when present, however a jumper can be used to disable the PCI bus and force the board into ISA bus mode if desired.

This allows the board to be used in both PCI and ISA bus PC/104 systems (assuming the PCI-104 connector does not pose a mechanical interference problem with other boards in the system). The board uses 3.3V signaling on the PCI bus and must be used only with 3.3V PCI bus SBCs. The ISA bus uses the standard 5V logic levels.

Technical specifications

Analog Inputs

Number of inputs 8 differential or 16 single-ended (user selectable)
A/D resolution 16 bits (1/65,536 of full scale)
Bipolar ranges ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, ±1.25V, ±0.625V
Unipolar ranges 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V
Input bias current 3nA max
Overvoltage protection ±35V on any analog input without damage
Input Impedance 10^13 ohms
Nonlinearity ±3LSB, no missing codes
Conversion rate 100,000 samples/sec. max with interrupts
Conversion trigger Software trigger, internal pacer clock, or external TTL signal
Input FIFO 512 samples, 256-sample interupt threshold
A/D interrupt End of A/D conversion
End of A/D scan
FIFO half-full
Calibration A/D and D/A circuits calibrated under software control using on-board precision references and EEPROM storage

Analog Outputs

Number of outputs 4
D/A resolution 12 bits (1/4096 of full scale)
Output ranges Fixed: ±5, 0-5V
Programmable: Anywhere between 0V and 10V in 1mV increments
Reset: All channels reset to mid-scale (0V for bipolar ranges)
Output current ±5mA max per channel
Settling time 6µS max to 0.01%
Relative accuracy ±1 LSB
Nonlinearity ±1 LSB, monotonic

Digital I/O

Number of lines 16, organized as 2 8-bit ports
Logic Levels 3.3V / 5V jumper selectable
Termination 10K ohm pull-up / pull-down resistors, jumper selectable
Input voltage Vlogic = 5V
Logic 0 1.65V max
Logic 1 3.35V min
Output voltage Vlogic = 5V
Logic 0 0.44V max, Iout = 24mA
Logic 1 3.76V min, Iout = -24mA
Input voltage Vlogic = 3.3V
Logic 0 0.80V max
Logic 1 2.00V min
Output voltage Vlogic = 3.3V
Logic 0 0.44V max, Iout = 24mA
Logic 1 2.25V min, Iout = -24mA


A/D Timer clock 32-bit down counter
General purpose 16-bit down counter
Clock source 10MHz on-board clock or external signal


Bus Interface Dual PCI (3.3V) and ISA (5V) buses supported; Autoselects for PCI bus; manual override option
Power supply +5V ±5% @ 375mA typical
±15V output current ±10mA max with DACs unloaded
Weight 80g / 2.84oz

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature 40°C to +85°C tested and guaranteed
RoHS Compliant
Model Description
DMM-16RP-AT Diamond-MM Autocalibrating 16-ch 16-bit A/D +4-ch 12-bit D/A Extended Temp. PCI Bus
C-50-18 50-conductor .1" pitch 18" ribbon cable Data Acquisition

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