Building platform: supporting Altera Cyclone FPGA
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • Altera Cyclone FPGA, 275MHz core speed
  • Four expansion connectors
  • Four expansion connectors
  • On board real-time counter/clock
The FPGA104 is a building platform that support up to four daughter cards. Each daughter card location supports interfaces with up to 28 I/O signals. Each daughter card location is symmetrical. Daughter cards can encompass one or more daughter card locations for greater I/O. For example, the FPDB-DEV uses all four daughter card locations and has access to 104 I/O signals.

The FPGA104 is PC/104 compliant and is interfaced to the full PC/104 bus signals including memory and I/O mapped signals. The on-board FPGA is configured via the on-board EEPROM, ISA bus, or the JTAG port. The configuration EEPROM can be programmed, independently of the FPGA, over the PC/104 bus or via the ISP port.

The FPGA104 is a based on the Altera’s Cyclone FPGA family: 4K, 12K or 20K logic element parts. Altera’s free Quartus-II basic FPGA design software can be used by the end-user to define the circuit/system functions to be implemented in the on-board FPGA.

The FPGA104 have an on-board real-time counter/clock with SuperCap backup, and a unique read-only 64-bit serial number ROM. Included on the FPGA104 are the connectors and physical layers circuits for a I2C/SMBus, a 50 MHz oscillator, and an SMB connector for an external reference frequency source. The FPGA104 is powered from the ISA bus, or external 6V DC to 18V DC supply.

Temperature range is 0°C to 85°C.
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