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Rugged PC/104 Power Supplies
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  • Multiple output options
  • Optional UPS backup system
  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-810G shock/vibration specifications
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

The JMM-7000 family provides compact, rugged, MIL‑compliant DC power in the popular PC/104 form factor (3.6×3.8"/90×96 mm). JMM-7000 models offer compliance to a range of standards, including MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-810G, and DO-160. Optional 500V isolation, brownout protection, and supercapacitor-based UPS enhance these supplies’ utility in compact airborne, land, and sea vehicle electronic systems.

The JMM 7300 series provides full MIL standards compliance. The depopulated JMM 7000 series are intended for use in commercial industrial applications where backup power or isolated power is required.

SuperCapacitor Backup

The SEP-7000 series of PC/104-sized supercapacitor energy packs is designed for use with the JMM-7000 power supplies with UPS option. These packs provide up to 3300 joules (wattsec) of backup energy to maintain stable system operation in case of power interruption. The charge / backup controller on the JMM-7000 utilizes a new supercapacitor charging technology that automatically controls the charging current and voltage of each capacitor bank in the pack to avoid overcharging or other potentially damaging fault conditions. Charge / discharge status and other control functions are available via LEDs on the JMM-7000 and via USB connection to the host CPU.

SEP-7000 energy packs are available in two capacities and two configurations. A plug-on configuration mounts directly to the bottom side of the JMM-7000 to eliminate cables and create the most compact, rugged solution. A cable-connected configuration allows the energy packs to be positioned at a remote location to fit varying application requirements.

Technical specifications
Multiple output options: 12VDC output, 40W, 500VDC isolation
5VDC output, 25W, 500VDC isolation
5-28VDC output, 40W, non isolated
EMI EMI compatibility to MIL STD 461C/D/E/F and DO 160C/D/E/F/G requirements
Input immunity Input immunity per MIL STD704A/D/E/F, MIL STD 1275A/B, and DO 160 cat A, B, and Z
Transient protection 100VDC / 50ms, 600VDC / 20us spikes
Brownout protection 6VDC / 1 sec
Reverse polarity Reverse polarity protection
UPS backup system Optional UPS backup system using plug on high efficiency supercapacitor energy packs
Microcontroller Built in microcontroller provides real time status of power supply and backup energy bank
Input 9-36VDC, 2A max
Dimensions 3.55 x 3.775” (90 x 96mm) PC/104

Environmental and physical specifications

Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Shock/vibration Designed to meet MIL STD 810G shock/vibration specifications
Model Description
JMM-7305-ISO-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 5V, Isolated, UPS, 461, 704/1275
JMM-7312-ISO-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 12V, Isolated, UPS, 461, 704/1275
JMM-7390-ISO-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 5V / 12V, Isolated, UPS, 461, 704/1275
JMM-7305-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 5V, Non-Isolated, UPS, 461, 704/1275
JMM-7312-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 12V, Non-Isolated, UPS, 461, 704/1275
JMM-7005-ISO-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 5V, Isolated, UPS
JMM‑7012‑ISO‑UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 12V, Isolated, UPS
JMM-7005-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 5V, Non-Isolated
JMM-7012-UPS Jupiter-MM-7000 PC/104 Power Supply, 12V, Non-Isolated
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