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100Mhz PC/104 Module
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Discontinued product. Available on special order

  • Dual watchdog timers, Phoenix BIOS and FAILSAFE Boot ROM
  • Dual RS-232 serial, dual EIDE and floppy support, USB, parallel port
  • Dimensions: 90.17 x 95.885 x 22.86 ìì
  • Operating Temperature: –20° to +70°Ñ, or –40° to +85°Ñ
The MZ104 is a PC/104 compliant system controller measuring just 3.55 inches by 3.775 inches. The MZ104 offers the quickest route of integrating a full x86 AT-compatible computer into your embedded control application using the PC/104 form factor. In addition, the built-in peripherals minimize the number of additional modules required. By combining the system hardware, I/O, software (integrated RTOS image) and solid-state mass storage, the MZ104 lowers your exposure to possible development risks, costs and significantly reduces your time-to-market. The MZ104’s full compatibility with the popular PC/104 embedded expansion bus, which allows you to easily integrate the widest selection of low-cost hardware peripherals. The numerous features provide an ideal price/performance solution.
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