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BlueStorm/LP RS-485

Universal PCI
Connect Tech Vendor:
Connect Tech
  • Details
  • Flexibility: Universal PCI ensures this Low Profile serial card fits into both 3.3V or 5V systems. Available with standard height PCI bracket and cabling options as well.
  • Speed: Supports data communication speeds up to 1.8432 Mbps.
  • Performance: Each port is controlled by a dual, quad or octal PCI UART, providing 64 bytes of transmit and receive FIFO buffers, global interrupt source register, automatic hardware and software flow control.
  • Protection: Available multi-strike surge suppression on all signals, all ports.

The low profile BlueStorm/LP is the perfect fit for your high density chassis or low profile PC. Fully Universal PCI 2.3 compliant, this RS-422/485 adapter can be installed in either a 3.3V or 5V system, and fits into low profile and standard height PCI computers with the change of a bracket. This enables you to connect multiple devices to your system, taking full advantage of the space saving qualities of its MD1 low profile design without sacrificing performance. Data speeds up to 1.8432 Mbps (RS-422/485) ensure your data acquisition, office automation, POS, self-service kiosk or scientific/instrumentation applications communicate in a reliable, cost-effective manner.

The BlueStorm/LP supports three RS-422/485 modes: full duplex (four wire) with RTS/CTS flow control, half duplex (two wire) with auto TxD echo cancellation, and multi-drop (four wire) full duplex communications of multi-drop devices.

Available with surge suppression or without and DB-9 male cables, the boards can be ordered with low profile bracket, standard sized bracket or both for the ultimate flexibility. Like all Connect Tech products, the BlueStorm/LP is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

The BlueStorm/LP comes in 2, 4 and 8 port RS-422/485 models as well as 1 plus 1, 2 plus 2, and 4 plus 4 RS-232 plus RS-422/485 models.

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