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Titan/cPCI Rear I/O - Rear I/O Opto

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Connect Tech
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  • Rear I/O: Available in 2 or 4 ports, this board will work with any serial line interface present in the front Titan/cPCI. It includes multi-strike surge protection on every pin, every port.
  • Rear I/O Opto: Supports RS-232 or RS-485 line interface options, with support for full duplex, auto multi-drop slave and auto half duplex. It includes 3.0 kV of true optical isolation, port to port, and supports speeds up to 921.6 kbps (RS-485).

These robust rear panel I/O options for the Titan/cPCI are available in two 3U versions: Rear I/O and Rear I/O Opto. These reliable additions allow the convenience of rear I/O connectivity for your CompactPCI application, while maintaining high performance and reliability.

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