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CrystalVue VBOND

Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors
VarTech Systems Vendor:
VarTech Systems
  • Details
  • VBOND technology
  • Rugged Construction
  • Display size 6.4" to 52”
  • Optional Touch Screens
Reflection from sunlight destroys contrast in LCD monitors due to the gap of air that exists between the front glass and the actual LCD screen. Because of the severe difference in the consistency between glass and air, plus the fact that air actually conducts light, there are three points of high reflection in a typical LCD with the air gap.
VBOND eliminates the air-gap and in the below example has brought the reflection down from 15% to 2%. The increase in contrast ratio has gone up to 26:1 from 1.85:1. That’s and increase of 1400% in these particular conditions. This difference renders the LCD completely sunlight readable without even increasing power consumption. There are other benefits to VBOND as well.
VBOND prevents dust, moisture, and heat build up by eliminating the airgap between the glass and LCD screen.
VBOND increases protection for the LCD. Should the front glass get hit and break there will be a solid layer of protection between the glass and the LCD screen to protect scratching the liquid crystal screen. VBOND also adds structural integrity to the unit by keeping the most important pieces of the unit solidly sealed together.
Sizes 6.4” to 52”.
Mechanical configurations available: Stainless Steel Panel Mount, Panel Mount NEMA 4, Rugged Tabletop, Industrial Rack Mount, Open Frame / Chassis Mount, VESA/Yoke Mount, Large Screen 1080p and WXGA Models.
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